Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles

Are you ready for rehab? When it’s time to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, you have options. However, they’re not all the same. Here’s what to look for when selecting a rehabilitation center in Los Angeles.

Choose a Location that Offers Detox Onsite

rehabilitation-center-in-los-angelesOne of the most significant relapse risks is the lag time between finishing detoxification and entering rehab. Sometimes, the relapse happens because a rehab facility isn’t ready for you. Nip this potential problem in the bud by selecting a rehabilitation center in Los Angeles that handles detox onsite. You seamlessly move from detox to the rehab portion of treatment when you’re ready.

Doing so has a twofold advantage. For starters, you avoid the relapse problem at that juncture. Secondly, you protect your privacy. Because there’s only one facility working with you, you cut down on the people who know that you’re undergoing treatment.

The Right Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles Offers Multiple Modalities

Customization of the rehab process is vital to the success of your treatment. Your reasons for using differ from those that someone else experiences. Therapists recognize this situation and will customize a treatment protocol that meets your unique needs. But they can only do so when there are options for them to offer you.

  • Good-quality facilities offer a broad range of modalities that include:
  • Gender-specific treatment that builds on your innate strengths when overcoming dependency issues
  • Private talk therapy sessions that create a safe space for you to open up about thoughts, feelings, and situations
  • Group therapy meetings, which allow for addiction education, peer group support, and joint learning
  • Matrix model therapy that builds on dysfunctional pattern identification to create a customized relapse prevention strategy
  • Family therapy for a way to reconnect with loved ones and undo co-dependency issues or communication barriers

There are plenty of additional therapy options. The goal is to find the right mix that works for you and encourages healing. Your therapist will start you with a custom protocol that he or she might adjust if necessary. Doing so guarantees that you undergo pinpointed specialty therapy rather than general treatment.

Find a Facility that Emphasizes a Mental Health Program

Did you know that mental health treatment could be instrumental in your recovery? Plenty of people struggling with addiction suffer from co-occurring mental health conditions. Examples include depression or anxiety disorders. An excellent rehabilitation center in Los Angeles will provide a dual diagnosis assessment and treatment.

In the past, you’d have to choose between undergoing mental wellness care and drug treatment. Medical science advanced and recognized the connection between co-occurring conditions. That said, too many facilities are still not coming on board with a dual diagnosis approach. The rehabilitation center in Los Angeles that you choose should be among the ones that do.

Look for a Client-Centered Approach

Many rehab facilities will offer you a predefined treatment program. Avoid these setups. A good-quality center will work with you to create a therapeutic environment. Case in point is a pet-friendly locale that welcomes your animal.

Even though you may not have a service animal, every pet provides therapy. Because many program participants travel from other cities and even states to undergo treatment in L.A., this is a plus.

Another quality to emphasize is a secluded setting. The facility should not be in the heart of downtown. Instead, it should be in a residential area with plenty of space between neighboring properties.

Is this the kind of treatment that could help you overcome addiction? Look for the rehabilitation center in Los Angeles that delivers: The Hills Treatment Center. Friendly therapists want to work with you to heal on your terms. Call 844-915-0287 today for immediate assistance.