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Have you or a loved one been struggling with Trazodone abuse? Have you sought help at a local addiction treatment facility, only to find that the familiar triggers and tempestuous situations surrounding your home life prevent you from truly committing to getting sober? Even if your situation seems doubtful right now, it’s possible to change your life. You can achieve long-lasting, successful sobriety. Sober living is a total life change, and we can help get you on the road to recovery. If you’re willing to travel out of state and distance yourself from the people, places, and situations that foster your addiction, we can help you with Trazodone abuse treatment.

The Need for Trazodone Abuse Treatment

trazadone-abuse-treatmentOver the last couple of decades, Trazodone addiction and abuse have steadily become a serious problem in the United States. While the initial purpose of the drug to treat depression, it has become a popular recreational drug due to its sedating effects.

According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse, certain people are more likely to abuse Trazodone than others. This includes:

  • Individuals who take prescription medications for recreational (non-medicinal) purposes. These people are also more likely to develop substance use disorders and to mix them with other drugs for non-medicinal reasons.
  • Individuals with a prior history of abusing other drugs.
  • Individuals who take anti-depressant medications for a time period exceeding 6-8 weeks stand a higher risk of developing a physical dependence upon the drug (Trazodone).

Trazodone abuse and the potential for abuse of other drugs can result in many disastrous consequences for both the abuser and loved ones. In addition to having negative effects on an individual’s career, personal relationships, family, and the potential for legal troubles, Trazodone abuse can also lead to overdose and death. Because of these devastating risks, it’s imperative to seek professional help as soon as possible.

Trazodone Abuse Treatment is Available

At The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, CA clients receive an intense and all-inclusive treatment plan that addresses the individual’s addiction from a dual diagnosis approach. Because it’s highly probable that Trazodone abusers are also abusing other drugs, we must first conduct an extensive assessment to determine the exact context of each person’s abuse and any mental or psychological issues that may be contributing to the addiction. Then we create and carry out an individual treatment plan.

Treatment at The Hills Treatment Center offers clients many advantages that other facilities simply can’t match, including:

  • Medically-managed drug detox conducted under the 24/7 monitoring of your very own assigned physician
  • Individual therapy with our Masters and P.H.D-level psychologists who help clients work through their addiction and personal issues. Additionally, they teach healthy coping skills to use after treatment in order to prevent relapse
  • Opportunities for recreational therapies, such as group therapy with others in recovery

Clients also have access to luxury amenities in our facility.

Get Trazodone Abuse Treatment Today

If you’re struggling with addiction to Trazodone, there’s no reason to continue suffering. At The Hills Treatment Center, you can receive the quality, compassionate care you need and deserve in order to beat your addiction. Call us today at 844-915-0287 to receive more detailed information about our treatment programs and to begin your journey towards a new and sober beginning.