It’s more than just a drug habit. An older teen who abuses substances likely has an underlying reason. Dealing with them in the home is virtually impossible. This is where teenage drug rehab can make a significant difference.

What Fuels Teen Drug Abuse?

young woman needs teenage drug rehabThere’s the peer group that has a bad influence on an impressionable older teen. Sometimes it’s only that one friend who becomes the catalyst for trying out drugs. But when experimentation goes wrong, it can become an addiction. The peer group or friend who got your teen into this mess won’t get her or him out.

Other times, it’s the need to achieve. When choosing stimulants to stay awake, your teen may hope to improve classroom or athletic performance. It’s not always clear who’s telling the teen to push so hard. Sometimes, it may even be members of the family who unwittingly contribute to this kind of drug use.

In some situations, an older teen struggles with a mental health disorder. Self-medicating with alcohol or other nervous system depressants keeps intrusive thoughts at bay. Over time, this type of drug use turns into a chemical dependency that grips the mind and body. All of these scenarios exemplify the importance of teenage drug rehab.

Professional Teenage Drug Rehab Treats the Disease and Its Causes

Drug addiction is a chronic disease. It may start with a voluntary act of taking a substance for the first time. However, for the individuals with a predisposition, it quickly turns into a dependency. They no longer have the free will to stop using.

Instead, they need professional help. At a facility that specializes in teenage drug rehab, you find this level of assistance. Typical treatments include plenty of talk therapy, group therapy sessions, and relapse prevention training. Therapists make it their goal to get to the root of the drug abuse.

In the process, they help the older teen to make positive changes. But what happens if the teen doesn’t get help? In these situations, the adolescent becomes a young adult — and older — with a drug habit. Her or his health suffers, but there’s still hope!

Getting Help as an Adult

Does this describe your situation? Maybe you’re 18 now, and you’ve been dealing with drug abuse since you were 13. Too old for teenage drug rehab, it’s never too late to seek help as a young — or older — adult. Below are the modalities that therapists most commonly use:

  • Detox with one-to-one staffing for a supportive experience and pain-free withdrawal
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that encourages the recognition of dysfunction in your life and then provides tools for change
  • Customized treatment protocol that can change at any time to accommodate your needs and progress
  • Life skills training to teach coping mechanisms you can use while at home or on the job
  • Support group meetings for a broad range of interests such as HIV treatment, AA, or NA

However, just as you might expect from teenage drug rehab, family therapy is still an option. At this point in your life, however, you decide who is a member of your family. It may no longer involve just parents but also a partner or spouse. This understanding opens up therapy sessions to those to whom you are closest.

Getting Help Today is Quick and Easy

Whether you’re dealing with an opioid, alcohol, or cannabis use disorder, there’s help. You don’t have to stay in the vicious cycle of drug abuse and regret. The caring therapists at The Hills Treatment Center want to help you break out. Call 866-323-4665 today to connect with an addiction treatment specialist.