Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab

Not all addictions begin with illegal substances. Sometimes, they start by accident. With the millions of prescriptions written every year, it’s not easy to prevent prescription drug abuse. Many people coping with drug dependency had no intention of developing an addiction. So why is it such a problem?

Why Prescription Drug Abuse Happens

Drug abuse occurs when people don’t use prescription substances for their intended use. For example, they may take higher doses than they should or for longer than a doctor prescribes. Prescription drug abuse leads to addiction and additional problems the disease causes.

In some cases, people develop drug dependence without realizing it. They may experience pain because of an accident or when recovering from surgery. Therefore, their doctor prescribes pain medication, which is typically only for short-term use. However, they eventually acclimate to the effects of the medicine. As their tolerance increases, they must take higher doses to feel the same euphoric effects.

Additionally, some people take medicines a doctor doesn’t prescribe to them solely for getting high. For example, they may crush pills and snort the powder, or mix them into a formula for injection.

Commonly Abused Drugs

Many people abuse specific prescription medications more than others. The most common prescription medications people abuse include:

  • Opioids: painkillers fall under this category. These drugs contribute to the US opioid crisis.
  • Depressants: Drugs that depress the central nervous system include tranquilizers and sedatives. They’re often prescribed for anxiety or sleep problems.
  • Stimulants: Prescription drug abuse also occurs with medications doctors prescribe to treat ADHD in children or adults.

Furthermore, young people are more likely to abuse prescription medication. Unfortunately, they often find these drugs at home, in their parents’
medicine cabinet. Once they begin abusing these substances, they might be more willing to try harder drugs or drink alcohol.

Many users’ doctors have caught onto their prescription medication abuse. Therefore, medical professionals restrict them from getting refills. This is often when people begin doctor shopping, or looking for different physicians to write their prescriptions. They might also begin buying drugs on the black market if they can’t obtain them legally.

We’re Ready to Help with Your Prescription Drug Abuse

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