For many, returning home after inpatient drug treatment programs is extremely difficult. Some people find themselves back in the same setting and lifestyle that they were in before getting sober, and come into contact with many triggers and stressors.

Residential treatment is a safe, drug-free environment, and for some, their home or work environment is not.

Sober companions are trained professionals who can take each step of reintegration with you. They can accompany you at home, to work, or at stressful and triggering times.

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The Hills offer a team of sober coaches that are available to aid the recovering addict in their daily life. The companion can accompany you as frequently as you wish and may prove to be the difference between life or death.

As a recovering addict or alcoholic themselves, they understand what you are going through, and can play a crucial role in your sobriety.

Sober companions at The Hills are trained to be helpful tools in guiding the newly sober individual on their path to recovery.