How Do I Choose Between Rehab or Work?

Many individuals suffering from addiction feel that they can’t leave their previous obligations to go to a rehab center, no matter how bad their addiction has become. They may feel that their boss will fire them if someone finds outs that they needed to go to a rehab center. This causes many people to believe that they need to choose between rehab or work.

Lean-AddictionAddicts or alcoholics who attend school may also believe that they can’t just take a semester off, because it will set them back. These are all common misconceptions and may be a deeper rooted fear of stopping drug or alcohol use.

While the fear of losing your job is understandable, it isn’t something you should worry about. There are laws are in place to protect the anonymity of alcoholics and addicts. Addiction is a disease. Would your company fire an employee if he or she had to take a medical leave of absence because of a cancer diagnosis? The answer is no. Some may say that the comparison between cancer and addiction is extreme, however they’re both classified as diseases. Legally, no one can fire you because you’re taking the necessary steps to regain your health. In fact, you may be saving the company time and money in the long run by getting the help you need. The beauty of this system is that you don’t have to choose between rehab or work.


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When you enter a rehab facility, you’ll have to sign a waiver to release any information about your rehab stay to others. Otherwise, the facility can’t release information to anyone, regardless of their relationship or involvement with you. The same goes for anyone enrolled in school. Universities and employers are required to offer medical leave, which allows you to remain employed/enrolled while you’re in rehab. There’s no need to specify exactly what you’re doing, but it may be in your best interest to be honest. Many employers or school officials will understand the situation and fully support your decision to try to better yourself and regain your health.

Not only will you be able to return to your job or obligations with school after attending a rehab program, but your sobriety will greatly increase your chances of success and prosperity in the long run. As long as you stay in recovery, the possibilities for growth are endless. The laws in place protect you directly against any discrimination from employers or school staff and faculty. Regaining your health and maintaining sobriety should be your first priority.

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