Residential Rehab Program

residential-rehab-programThere are two major types of rehab programs that clients can choose from: residential and outpatient. While both can be effective, many clients prefer the appeal and success rates of residential care. Explore the benefits of a residential rehab program at The Hills Treatment Center and decide whether it could be the right path to your recovery.

Get 24/7 Supervision at a Residential Rehab Program

In detox and for weeks afterward, some clients may need medical support. While the physical symptoms of addiction are just the tip of the iceberg, they still require care. If individuals are uncomfortable or dealing with medical issues, they won’t be able to focus completely on their recovery.

At The Hills Treatment Center, clients will have access to medical support around the clock. Residential treatment means that clients can always rely on professional support whether it’s day or night. Medical issues, whether they’re small or large, receive attention right away.

Clients Can Establish Healthy Habits Through Daily Routine

One of the benefits of a residential rehab program is the opportunity to establish healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Rehab is just the beginning of the journey to total recovery. Once individuals leave rehab, there is still more work to be done.

One way to continue the journey of sobriety is by continuing the healthy habits you learned in rehab. That might start with daily exercises, such as walking or yoga, that can increase circulation, create endorphins and boost mood. It might also include eating three healthy meals each day or going to a local support group meeting once a week. By establishing a daily routine in residential care, clients might find it easier to stick to certain habits in the years to come.

Enjoy Peer and Professional Support

In residential rehab programs, clients can get support from every angle. Professional support is key, both when it comes to emergency situations and in everyday therapy sessions. However, support and accountability from peers are also helpful.

Often, peer support can have a huge influence on recovery. People often respond well to advice and suggestions from peers who are going through the same kind of situation. In residential rehab, there are always peers around that understand exactly what you’re going through.

Fewer Temptations in a Controlled Environment

Temptations and cravings are a natural and common aspect of overcoming addiction. However, relapse rates are highest in the first few weeks of recovery. Therefore, it makes sense to do whatever you can to control the environment in that time. In a residential rehab program, drugs and alcohol aren’t available.

Compare this to an outpatient program, which allows clients to come and go daily. While outpatient care can still be effective, it requires more work on behalf of the client. If you’re serious about committing to sobriety and you want to find success, then commit to a residential program that offers accountability and a controlled environment.

What to Expect at The Hills Treatment Center

The residential rehab program at The Hills Treatment Center gives client support and supervision around the clock. Each day, clients will be able to confront their drug or alcohol addictions with comprehensive and customized treatment. Some of these treatment methods can include:

Residential drug and alcohol rehab can be the right fit for many clients. At The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, expect luxury accommodation and amenities in an upscale environment. Call 844-915-0287 to learn more about how you can begin the road to recovery today.