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How do you get a substance abuse problem under control? Is there a way to deal with addiction but not have everyone know about it? In fact, there are several recovery options open to you. Here’s what you need to know today.

Overcoming Drug or Alcohol Abuse Starts with Detoxification

Addiction-Recovery-OptionsWhen confidentiality is important, opt for a rehab facility that offers detox onsite. Detoxification is necessary to overcome the physiological aspect of dependency. You withdraw from the drug while undergoing medical monitoring. This process ensures your personal safety and provides a pain-free experience.

There’s a slightly different approach to recovery options depending on the substance you’re using. However, no matter the drug you’re struggling with, each treatment protocol calls for comfortable surroundings and an attentive staff. Chef-prepared meals ensure that you keep up your strength. After about a week, you’re ready to move to the rehab phase of treatment.

Recovery Options in Rehab

Rehab takes a little longer than detox. The goal of rehab is for therapists to help you find your reasons for using drugs or alcohol. Typically, they rely on treatments such as:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which encourages the practice of pattern recognition and change
  • Dialectical behavior therapy that focuses more on emotional regulation with unchangeable situations
  • Group therapy sessions as a means of learning from others and receiving peer support
  • Matrix model meetings for relapse prevention training
  • Family therapy, which helps to rebuild relationships with those closest to you through communication training and role definition
  • Nutritional support during all phases of recovery for maximum wellness
  • Holistic treatments, which include Yoga therapy and meditation to assist with overcoming stressors

These types of modalities work together to help you overcome the psychological aspects of addiction. Because everyone’s different, it’s vital for therapists to customize a treatment protocol to meet your particular needs. The same goes for the treatment delivery. Here, recovery options focus on the way you receive access to the various modalities.

Residential or Outpatient Treatment?

For most program participants, a stay at the facility is the best option. It removes you from a potentially unsafe situation. Doing so also allows you to immerse yourself in the therapeutic setting of the center. It’s an excellent option for anyone undergoing drug or alcohol recovery.

An intensive outpatient program is the opposite of inpatient rehab. You visit the facility on a part-time basis. Scheduling treatments around your work or school obligations can be possible. Although this sounds like a very convenient setup, it may not be a good choice for everyone.

For starters, you miss out on the full continuum of care. Moreover, there’s little in the way of peer support when you only attend part-time. That said, you still enjoy customized treatment and interaction with addiction specialists. However, there’s a third option.

When you have to be home at night but also need healing, the partial hospitalization could be right for you. If you have a reliable support network, this setup could be among your recovery options. Spend the day at the facility undergoing treatment, and then return home at night. It’s the best of both worlds.

Finding the Treatment Plan that Works

Now that you know your recovery options, isn’t it time to discuss them with a treatment specialist? Why continue suffering from an addiction you want to overcome? At The Hills Treatment Center, caring therapists want to work side by side with you. Dial 844-915-0287 today to learn more about your options.