Polysubstance abuse is a term that describes the use of more than one drug concurrently for at least 12 months. This behavior could occur for recreational or medical use. When people use multiple illicit substances at the same time, they often do so to enhance the high they feel. When you consider that abusing even one drug can have dangerous and even fatal effects, it stands to reason that the consequences can multiply in this situation.

Signs of Polysubstance Abuse

wine, needle, pills, and powder suggest polysubstance abuseFor diagnosis of polysubstance abuse disorder, a person must display at least three of the following symptoms within a 12-month period:

  • Tolerance. The person must use increasingly higher amounts of the substance in order to feel the same effects
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms. Individuals who attempt to cease using the substances may experience a variety of painful or uncomfortable physical symptoms.
  • Loss of control over their drug use. The person may be unable to quit or will use more than they originally intended
  • Obsession with drugs. The person spends more and more time thinking about, obtaining and using their drugs of choice
  • Extreme consequences. Drug use is taking over the person’s life, replacing relationships and pursuits that they once loved
  • Physical or psychological problems.

Treating Polysubstance Use Disorder

In many respects, treating a polysubstance use problem is similar to an intervention for an addiction to just one substance. First, you must detox from the chemicals. If the dependency is severe, it’s always best to detox under medical supervision. This is because a physician can prescribe drugs that make the physical discomfort of the withdrawal process more bearable.

Once the poisons are successfully clear from your body, the emotionally and psychologically challenging work of recovery begins. Since addiction is a complex disease that has deep roots in many aspects of your life, you need to understand what caused it, what triggers your use and how your related behaviors have affected you and those you love.

Getting the Help You Need at The Hills Treatment Center

Addiction to multiple substances is dangerous and potentially fatal. Don’t wait for things to get even worse when there’s a place where you can go to turn your life around. The Hills Treatment Center is a fully accredited, comprehensive polysubstance abuse and alcoholic treatment facility in California. Our mission is to walk with you on your recovery journey, furnishing you with all of the tools and wisdom you will need to make lasting changes in your life.

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