Pet Therapy Program

How Pet-Friendly Rehab Centers Help Lead to Long-Term Sobriety

Having a pet can change your entire perspective on life. Among the elderly, pets provide a sense of purpose, decrease depression rates and boost happiness levels. Many of these same benefits can be attained by individuals in drug rehab programs. Pet-friendly rehab centers help to strengthen emotional health by allowing patients to keep pets during rehab.

One of the difficult aspects of drug rehab is getting the emotional support needed to recover. While individuals can’t bring their family and friends to rehab, it’s possible to bring their pets. Emotional support, acceptance and unconditional love are readily available from dogs and cats. All of these aspects help to improve the guest’s chance of recovery.

How-Pet-Friendly-Rehab-Centers-Help-Lead-to-Long-Term-Sobriety-copyPsychologists actually use animal therapy to help a wide range of conditions like depression, bipolar disorder and agoraphobia. It makes sense that the same approach would help individuals who are in rehab. At pet-friendly rehab centers, individuals get to connect with their pet and experience unconditional love. Plus, having a familiar face at the center helps to ease the transition to sobriety.

Having a pet with you can make it feel like you have someone that needs you. Even when you’re feeling down, you know that your pet is there for you and needs your care to survive. Scientific research has shown that pets are able to sense when humans are stressed out, and they provide support when you are experiencing negative emotions. As a result, pet lovers can experience more strength, courage and optimism as they complete their rehab program.


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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, having a pet can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Studies show that pet owners have lower triglyceride levels and are less likely to feel lonely. At the same time, a pet gives you a reason to get outside, socialize and exercise. When you are in rehab, exercising can help to reduce your anxiety and stress. Plus, your pet will brighten the difficult days as you begin your sobriety.

Having a pet in rehab means that you get:

  • Emotional help during detox
  • A friend to keep you company
  • Relaxation, optimism and exercise
  • Physical health benefits

Addiction help is available for people who need it. Whether you are based in Los Angeles or located across the county, the Hills Treatment Center can help you start your journey toward a better life. From pet-friendly options to transitional programs, you can get the help you need to recover. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, contact the Hills Treatment Center today at 844-915-0287 to get help and learn more about our pet therapy program.