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Overcoming addiction takes more than willpower. It takes the guidance and support of a caring community. Rehab centers are the perfect places to get this level of support. The best facilities provide different levels of care that meet the individual needs of everyone.

Can People Ever Truly Overcome Addiction?

Addiction is a mental disorder. Like other mental conditions, it never really goes away. With proper direction and support, however, people can learn to control addiction. Rehab centers provide the tools that people need to avoid relapse.

Programs for Overcoming Addiction

overcoming-addictionThe process for overcoming addiction differs for everyone. No two people are alike, so rehab centers have to create programs to address their unique needs. Most facilities do a full evaluation of their clients upon arrival. With the information that they gather, they create custom treatment plans that include the programs that they offer.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a common part of custom treatment plans. It gets relatives involved to show clients that they have their support.

Family counseling also acts as a great addiction education course. Few family members understand that addiction is a disease. In fact, they often think that it equates to a lack of willpower. Family therapy can help them understand that it’s a mental disorder rather than a choice.

Aftercare Programs

Even after detox and rehab, relapse is a real concern. Many rehab centers offer aftercare programs to give clients more support after they finish treatment. Most of the time, they include treatment options such as:

  • Sober living
  • Sober coaching
  • Outpatient care
  • 12-step programs

These services also teach people about the benefits of staying active. Downtime or boredom often trigger relapse. Aftercare programs demonstrate how getting new hobbies and staying active can keep people from relapsing.

Gender-Specific Programs

Both men and women can develop addiction. However, the causes of their addiction and the problems that they deal with are different.

Traditional rehab doesn’t cover each issue as in-depth as gender-specific rehab. Addressing the problems that women deal with, for example, won’t offer much help for men. It’s also hard for the opposite sex to relate to gender-specific problems.

Gender-specific programs focus on these unique issues. In women’s rehab, for instance, therapists can spend more time helping women resolve the problems that they face. Men’s rehab works in the same way for men.

Let The Hills Help You Overcome Your Addiction

Overcoming addiction isn’t something that you should try to do alone. At The Hills Treatment Center, we provide custom treatment plans that address the individual needs of our clients. We strive to provide comfort and quality.

As a luxury rehab center, we’ve put a lot of thought into our amenities and features. Unlike other rehab centers, we invite our clients to bring their pets with them. We also have a world-class chef who cooks on the premises. Our full array of treatment programs include:

The Hills Treatment Center strives to make paying for rehab as easy as possible. We work with many insurance providers who may cover all or some of your rehab stay. Using savings or borrowing money from friends and family is also an option. You can think of the money that you put toward your rehab as an investment in your future.

Don’t put off your rehab until later. Let us get you the help that you need today. Reach out to The Hills at 844-915-0287 for more information about our programs and services.