What Luxury Alcohol Rehab is Like

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Luxury alcohol rehab provides benefits you can’t find in standard treatment centers. These benefits include greater privacy, highly professional healthcare professionals, luxury amenities and beautiful surroundings. Besides the obvious benefits, a luxury alcohol treatment center may provide you with a real opportunity for lasting recovery. This is particularly true if you live a luxurious lifestyle and don’t want the distraction of uncomfortable surroundings.

What is Luxury Alcohol Rehab?

nicotine-rehabBeautiful views, fresh air spaces, holistic treatment options and upscale amenities are just some benefits of luxury alcohol rehab. Luxury rehab programs focus on strong recovery from alcohol or drugs for a longer, healthier life.

Luxury alcohol rehab programs vary as much as people, themselves. Each program offers its own choices for your treatment.

You need to find the right luxury program, one that will meet your needs for strong recovery. After all, addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease you have to fight.

The theory behind luxury rehab is that comfort and familiar quality in surroundings encourage growth for some clients. For these people fighting their own addictions, being in facilities unlike their home surroundings makes them uncomfortable and causes them to worry about what they’re missing out on in everyday life.

Some benefits of luxury alcohol rehab include:

  • Location in a private, serene and attractive area
  • Upscale amenities including private rooms, quality chef, pet friendliness and outdoor facilities
  • Holistic and spa-quality therapies and treatments
  • Enhanced confidentiality for greater peace-of-mind toward your career or reputation
  • Recovery peers from similar socioeconomic background

What to Look for In Luxury Alcohol Rehab Programs

When you seek a luxury rehab, you still need to focus on getting solid treatment for addiction. Beyond luxurious amenities, be sure the facility you choose provides detox facilities or a partnership with a luxury detox program. You also need to be sure it provides dual diagnosis treatment for mental illness, which is common for patients with addiction.

Other things to look for in your luxury rehab include individualized treatment planning, support groups during and after rehab, a quality aftercare program, sober living facilities, and top-notch professionals on staff.

Cost is a big factor for many people going to rehab. Luxury programs are more expensive than other rehab facilities. You need to be able to support this expense to avoid greater stress while in recovery. Can you afford the program you’re interested in?

Of course, greater cost relates to quality in amenities, facilities, and activities. This means your insurance may not cover some parts of the treatment cost. Many of these upscale programs only accept cash payment using credit or debit cards, personal checks or cash transfers. By not involving insurance, the quality of treatment you receive is actually better and more individualized.

If you have a pet and want your furry loved one around during treatment, it can be hard to find a facility allowing pets in therapy. But luxury rehab facilities with pet programs allow you to bring your pet into rehab so the two of you can bond and work together in your sobriety. Your pet is one of your best friends and needs involvement in this part of your life.

Luxury Alcohol Treatment Center in the Hollywood Hills

In the Hollywood Hills of California, The Hills Treatment Center offers luxury rehab in private, secluded surroundings once owned by celebrities. The Hills provides a variety of therapies and treatment methods designed for lasting sobriety. Programs include:

  • Full service, luxury, private and pet-friendly detox on the estate
  • One-on-one staffing for highly individualized attention
  • Residential treatment in the Hollywood Hills
  • Partial program for day rehab and return home at night
  • Intensive outpatient and outpatient programs at three properties
  • Transitional programs, sober living and aftercare
  • Sober companions for personalized support

In fact, you can have the comfort our luxury alcohol treatment center. Go to The Hills for privacy, dignity, and quality in your 844-915-0287 for more information. Go to The Hills for privacy, dignity, and quality in your alcohol dependence treatment.