Celebrity Rehab

The Hollywood lifestyle – sex, drugs, booze, money, and parties. With constant appearances at parties and events, drinks constantly flowing, and more money than necessary, celebrities are stuck in a false reality. However, they are not superhuman, and addiction effects the rich and famous as well. With every move celebrities make documented by paparazzi, every drunken mishap is blasted all over the tabloids. Of course, the quick fix is to enter a drug rehab facility in hopes to salvage their reputations and credibility. A number of celebrities have entered rehab however but continued to use afterward, perhaps not taking their addiction seriously and living in denial. The media makes money and gains viewers with stories about a celebrity’s personal life, and they are not sensitive to the fact that going to treatment is a very private matter. For this reason, famous individuals require celebrity rehab.

Why Celebrities Struggle with Rehabs

Cocaine-Addiction-3Many celebrities have been known to check in and out of rehabs rapidly. They are quick to admit they need help and check in, but once there, they are not willing to do the work. Of course, many are not ready to admit they have a problem and are simply following direction from their agents and PR agents. With celebrities put on a pedestal in our society, it can be difficult for them to be treated equally and to gain humility. They often do not check into rehab because they truly need it, but rather because they have had negative publicity regarding drugs, or would like the vacation and rest time. These reasons may carry a celebrity into rehab initially, but they will not carry them in their path to recovery. Also, upon release from a rehab, celebrities usually have limitless money and resources, leaving them up to the responsibility of maintaining their sobriety in order to recovery. Acquiring drugs is easy, and they are often exposed to them in their line of business.

What a Celebrity Rehab Facility Should Offer

Cocaine-Addiction-3In order for a celebrity to succeed with recovery, there are several things that must take place. First and foremost, the celebrity must truly wish for help for himself or herself, not because of negative media attention. In order for someone to fully benefit from a treatment center, they must be open to help. A celebrity drug rehab should offer extreme confidentiality, so the celebrity is not afraid of opening up with their emotions and struggles. Celebrity drug rehabs often offer luxurious amenities in order to ensure the patients are comfortable. For the most part, these facilities are in isolated locations, far from the spotlight and media, creating a tranquil setting.

Celebrities Publicly in Recovery

With a new celebrity in rehab every week, its hard to know which celebrities actually change their ways and free themselves from addiction. Known celebrities in sobriety include: Robert Downey Jr., Steve-O from Jackass, Eminem, Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Melanie Griffith, David Hasselhoff, Matthew Perry, and many many more. Of course, a number of celebrities have yet to admit defeat, but hopefully they one day will gain recovery through a celebrity rehab facility.