Luxury Rehab

Luxury Rehabilitation Facility for high end executives looking for a top of the line rehabilitation facility. A Luxury Rehab facility offers you high end services that help you battle your addiction in a luxury Los Angeles Rehabilitation Facility. Addicts in an industry that affords them a lifestyle of comfort and convenience can be turned off by the idea of being locked up in a facility of strangers. If the funding permits, choosing a luxury rehabilitation facility can not only be very beneficial but also maximize the overall recovery process. Luxury facilities focus on recovery from addictions and behavioral disorders such as opiate and narcotic addictions, alcoholism, and eating disorders. These high-end facilities generally excel in the amenities and dynamics they use to combat addiction. Luxury rehab centers generally focus on comfort, diet, exercise, therapy and even holistic practices for a full rejuvenating experience in recovery.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $50,000 and up at a luxury rehab facility. If you are questioning whether insurance can cover the expenses of these facilities or not, call your provider. Most insurance companies will cover costs, if not they generally offer a reimbursement policy. Prior to admission, preparing a budget is important to avoid being overwhelmed with the financial consequences afterwards. Once a budget has been established choosing a facility that meets your needs and budget is the next step.

Traditional treatment centers generally incorporate cleaning, group therapy and early wake up calls as their regimen. Luxury rehab centers have a rejuvenating approach. When choosing the facility, consider the privacy, amenities and dynamics that best suit your needs. All rehabilitation centers generally have a strict confidentiality policy. Aside from the principle of anonymity in recovery, most luxury rehabs house a small amount of clients at a time. This is an important factor as it is also beneficial to have a small group to keep integrity and focus. With small groups, isolating confrontations, building trust, and gaining confidence can result. When going through the treatment process, it makes sense to be as comfortable as possible. As with most treatment centers, medical services are sometimes provided for detox and therapy. Some luxury rehabilitation centers may require a medical detox prior to entering the facility. Most high-end rehabilitation centers offer a resort like experience. Ask the facility what amenities they offer. Such amenities could cover spa services, cleaning service, chefs, even pools and jacuzzi tubs. Some luxury recovery centers provide a holistic approach, which would integrate therapy, meditation, a detoxifying diet, and exercise such as yoga.


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Know what priorities you have when selecting a luxury rehab facility. There are some things you should know ahead of time and what to ask the facilities before making decisions.

Medical Detox: If treating a drug addiction, most facilities require a medical detox to ensure the safety of the client. Find out if the facility offers detox.

Privacy: Find out what their confidentiality policy is. Evaluate if the setting of the facility is private enough for your comfort.

Budget: Know what you can afford, if your insurance covers any of it, and be financially prepared for after treatment.

Dynamic: Ask questions. Know whether they integrate emotional as well as physical therapy, and if they have a holistic or spiritual dynamic.

Location: Whether it is somewhere close to home, or out of state, it might be easier to narrow your selection down by demographic.

You can even expect to find a rehabilitation center that specializes in the disease or disorder that you or your loved one is suffering from. There are several call centers and resources to assist in finding the right luxury rehabilitation facility for you. The most important thing is to put an end to the suffering and get help. At The Hills Treatment Center, we offer the luxury you deserve with the services you need.