Sending A Family Member To Treatment

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Sending a Family Member to Treatment for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a devastating disease, destroying the lives of the alcoholic and loved ones witnessing the destruction. When a loved one is drinking their life away, it can seem like a selfish drawn out suicide. It’s a disease that lies in the mind. A main component to the disease of alcoholism is a continuous state of denial, despair, and hopelessness. In most cases the family of an alcoholic has to take on the challenge of sending a family member to treatment for alcoholism. It is a challenge, but there comes a time when the suffering just has to stop.

Beat the Denial

Denial is a huge enabler of not receiving treatment, in both the alcoholic and the family. There are no excuses or trauma that can make living with alcoholism okay. There was once a reason why they picked up the bottle, but what matters now is how to stop the drinking.

Find an Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol treatment centers are professional and specialize in providing the best support, therapy, and medical care. Alcohol rehab centers provide a variety of services, amenities and dynamics. Do some research to help decide what you’re looking for in an alcohol treatment center. Ultimately they will be in good hands.


Because of denial, lack of communication or simply not knowing how to talk about treatment with your loved one, an intervention probably is the best route. An intervention opens the alcoholic’s mind to their behavior, focusing and discussing how their alcoholism is destroying not only their own life, but of others around them. Presenting another way of life, free of the burden of alcohol, as well as a solution, hopefully will give them a sense of hope and desperation. Make it their decision. Shine light on how alcoholism is destroying their life and what they won’t have if they don’t take the gift of treatment.

Get Support

It is vital to have support from family, trusted friends, and most importantly from a support group. Like Al-Anon or Nar-Anon, you can find support from peers of all walks of life experiencing the same feelings that you and your family are enduring. If you’re considering sending a family member to Treatment, The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California can also help. Give us a call today at 844-915-0287 for more information.