Living With An Alcoholic

It’s Not Easy Living With an Alcoholic

Living with an alcoholic can be a difficult and strenuous experience. It can break an individual down physically, mentally, and emotionally. In situations where the individuals don’t understand the disease of alcoholism it can make the circumstances even worse. Alcoholics are a slave to the disease of alcoholism. They may not intend to hurt those around them but it almost seems to become an unavoidable repercussion of alcohol abuse.

Alcoholics are unreliable and may make promises they can’t keep. It’s not uncommon for alcoholics to fail to meet obligations or responsibilities. The families of alcoholics are usually affected more than anyone else. The quality of life within the home diminishes and tension builds causing verbal disputes. Physical abuse can also occur and is more common when an individual is under the influence of alcohol. Alcoholics are not bad people, they’re just people with a bad problem. It physically changes the chemistry of the brain and slowly changes how someone thinks and acts. Alcoholics typically do not even realize where their behavior is wrong. They cannot make the connection between their alcohol abuse and how it is affecting those around them.

The children and spouses of alcoholics may suffer the most out of anyone in the family. Most family members don’t know what to do. They feel they have tried everything but cannot get through to the alcoholic. It creates a very tough decision for the spouses of alcoholics. Their love for the person wants to keep them together and to help them recover from their disease, but the effect the alcoholic has on the family and children can create an unsafe environment which calls for separation from the problem drinker. This is a very hard decision that many individuals living with alcoholics have had to face. Living with an alcoholic can be a very untrustworthy situation. They may lie to try and cover up their misdeeds. Behavior such as lying on a regular basis can create trust issues with those living with the alcoholic and can increase tension and the possibility for verbal or physical disputes. This type of environment is very unsafe for children. Exposing them to this type of behavior and dysfunction can lead to issues in the future. It is best to figure out a plan of action and separate from the negativity that comes from living with an alcoholic.

Al-Anon is a program for family and friends of alcoholics and addicts. It was put in place to help non-addicts understand what their loved ones are going through and why they may be doing what they are doing. It is a support group for those individuals who do not have the skills to deal with the addict in their life. Al-Anon can help with co-dependency issues and help expose individuals who may be enabling the addict in their life. Al-Anon is a highly recommended program for anyone who deals with an alcoholic in their life. There are also 12 step fellowship meetings that are open to non-alcoholics who would like to understand more about the disease. Living with an alcoholic is an extremely tough thing to do. There are no right answers or actions to take, every situation is different. Getting help for oneself and becoming educated on the disease of alcoholism is the best course of action to take in this situation. For your friend or loved one, an alcohol rehab is a great place for them to start taking their life back.