Living With An Alcoholic Child

Living with An Alcoholic Child

Withdrawal-EffectsLiving with an alcoholic child or drug addict child can be physically and emotionally draining. The alcoholic child may become the focus of our attention which negatively affects the other aspects of our lives. Families start to place more emphasis on the health of the alcoholic child than their own personal health. This type of behavior affects the entire household making the environment unhealthier than it previously was. Families should do everything they can to support the alcoholic child but have to be careful not to enable their negative behavior. It has been recommended by professionals in the field to have strict boundaries set with the child. If they cross these boundaries and abuse substances in your home then it is wise to be ready to take action. Following through with the rules that have been set can be influential when trying to make a change in the dynamic of the household. If the child knows that there are no consequences for their actions then it may perpetuate their drug use.

There are resources available for families of alcoholics and drug addicts to help keep them on a path to a healthy life. Al-Anon is a fellowship for friends and family members of alcoholics who need support from peers who have gone through what they are currently struggling with. Al-Anon allows individuals close to the alcoholic to better understand what they are going through and how they are thinking. Families will learn about co-dependency issues and what their part was in enabling the addict. Al-Anon teaches people about the disease of addiction and the methods in which to ensure their own personal well-being. Living with an alcoholic child can cause chaos in a household. It can change the family dynamic and cause stressful tension. To remain healthy and not dependent on the alcoholic certain steps must be taken. Setting boundaries and becoming educated on the situation is a great way to ensure that the alcoholic’s disease does not manifest itself into others. Al-Anon will provide the support necessary to break the unhealthy ties with the alcoholic child. Al-Anon meetings take place everywhere at a variety of times, listings can be found online or in the Al-Anon directory. Family therapy may also help