Family Therapy Activities

Family therapy activities play a bigger role in your recovery than you think. After all, families suffer because of addiction, too. These loved ones also play a major part in your recovery and well-being. Everyone in your family needs help to heal from the problems of the past and move into the future.

Addiction is a family disease. Without the proper help, the disease continues in your generation or future ones. That legacy changes when you enter rehab treatment at The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles. You help your whole family heal, stopping the cycle of unhealthy family dynamics and substance abuse.

Family Programs in Los Angeles Rehab Treatment

Family programs in Los Angeles rehab treatment help all of your family members find their place in your recovery. Your addiction changed the family dynamic as much as it changed your life. But together, your family finds productive healing through positive changes.

At The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, families have a voice during rehab treatment. Everyone learns open communication skills under the guidance of leading therapists. Your whole family takes part in your recovery process while learning how to respect each others’ healthy limits.

Family therapy activities help your family know what to expect in your treatment and recovery. Together you focus on your core values as a family, recognizing each person’s strengths. You learn how healthy families interact and function so you can respect each other more within your roles.

Family Therapy Activities

In rehab at The Hills Treatment Center, your family therapy activities include private counseling for the family under a therapist’s guidance. Together, you take part in group activities and learn about addiction, recovery, and family dynamics. Families can find their ways to 12-step meetings, too.

The three most common types of family therapy include strategic, multidimensional, and behavioral therapies. Strategic or structural therapy helps members of the family identify unhealthy dynamics to improve them. Multidimensional family therapy activities help young people in the family build a better sense of self under healthy limits and communication led by parents. Behavioral family therapy activities help families change unhealthy thoughts and actions into healthy ones.

Your Family Gains Better Health at The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles

In the beautiful Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, The Hills Treatment Center provides individualized treatment for your recovery. This treatment includes involvement of your family toward better family health and understanding. If you struggled with family problems before or during your addiction, everyone heals and goes forward in better health as part of these programs.

Family programs do not limit your rehab to only blood relatives. Instead, close friends, distant relatives, or anyone you consider your family unit feels welcomed. Together, you gain recovery and a better future.

The Hills Treatment Center also hosts a family immersion program, called FIP. FIP enables your family to live with you for days or a week in treatment. They undergo many of the same activities and therapies as you do. This unique program brings families back together and helps build healthier relationships.

Programs of The Hills’ luxury treatment center in the Hollywood Hills include:

Your whole family struggled during your addiction. Likewise, you all deserve healthy recovery. The family therapy activities offered in the secluded luxury of The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles can help you overcome your addiction and strengthen your family. When you take the first step on your recovery journey, call 844-915-0287 to learn more about The Hills Treatment Center’s programs for your recovery and your family’s healing.