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Family involvement is crucial for the recovery process. Many times, addiction stems from issues within the family, so it’s essential to understand family dynamics and provide a space for the family to communicate and heal. Not only does this heal the client, but it brings freedom and peace for the rest of the family.

Family Programs are highly recommended. Recognizing that families are equally impacted by addiction and have a central role in the recovery process is essential for the success of recovery for everyone. The complex relational patterns developed during a family member’s active addiction will require a steady focus on family interactions to bring about productive change. Systemic recovery is one of our core values, by broadening the recovery process from the individual to the family we improve effectiveness for everyone. The Hills creates space for families to have a voice during their family members time here. Because the recovery process is complex and multi-faceted we believe open communication is essential. We appreciate and support families seeking positive change and who have their own goals.
We believe that “family” is any identified as such, not all family shares genetics.

Common family dynamics, complications and challenges

  • Including the whole family unit on the healing and recovery process
  • Establishing appropriate internal and external boundaries
  • Knowing what to except during each stage of the recovery process
  • Developing a set of shared values about their family identity (who they are)
  • Awakening and applying every family member’s strengths
  • Understanding how healthy families function
  • Maintaining family roles


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Most addictions have no definite “cure” – only ongoing recovery. At The Hills Treatment Center, we base our reputable success rate on the number of alumni who recommend our program to friends and relatives, the number of referrals we get from other treatment facilities, and the number of patients referred to us by therapists and other medical practitioners. The Hills Treatment Center was established in 2003 (previously known as Wonderland) and since we have provided quality treatment for thousands of clients who were recommended to us by other leading professionals in the industry and alumni.