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It has long been understood that addiction is “a family disease.” This isn’t to say that fault lies inside of the family, rather recovery from addiction can be greatly aided when family is a part of the recovery process.

When the addict/alcoholic is able to address issues in a productive way with those who are the closest to them recovery can be greatly aided.

It is also very freeing for family members to better understand addiction and recovery along with the rolls that they should and should not play in the process. For our purposes “family” is anyone the patient says is family, those who will be playing a role in the patient’s recovery are welcome to take part in this process. Most treatment programs offer a few hours of family education or treatment, we go much farther. Once a patient’s family begins taking advantage of the program (included with the cost of admission) they are a part of our family, there is no set term and no expiration date, we will stick with you for as long as it takes. In addition to access to our staff, we have alumni all over the world whose families are grateful for the opportunity to welcome another family that was “where they were” and help them along their journey. Our family program includes a variety of experiential groups and sessions facilitated by a world-class staff with decades of experience working specifically with families of addicts and alcoholics. Most family members will participate in family constellations groups; a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them. We also hold regular family education and multi-family groups as well as help introduce family members to the supportive environment of Al-anon.

For those who are able to dedicate more time to the process The Hills has a unique offering, the Family Immersion Program (FIP).

Participants in the FIP will live with the patient in the same clinical setting and take part in much of the day to day activity. This kind of exposure to the program and staff allows us to better observe the way in which a family operates which in turn allows the clinical team to help you address barriers that could hinder recovery. All of this is done in a safe environment that can be incredibly healing for all involved. We believe the best results are realized after one week of FIP but realize that is a significant time commitment so we offer customizable schedules when needed. Participants within the FIP follow the same clinical schedule as patient; they attend daily group therapy sessions in which a broad range of issues can be addressed depending on specific needs and the assessment of those leading the groups and sessions. We often find that issues like generational themes, grief and loss, communication styles/problems and boundary issues come up and begin to find resolution. Once these issues have been addressed, the opportunity for family recovery increases dramatically. At the end of the FIP participants will:

  • Increase expectations for themselves and their loved one, the patient
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Be able to implement reasonable and natural consequences
  • Detach from problem-solving for loved ones
  • Engage in healthy communication and non-avoidant conflict resolution
  • Focus on self-care and emotional regulation by developing supports and resources
  • Communicate and care for themselves and their family
  • Understand what “successful” recovery looks like for all involved

This unique offering at The Hills is healing and transformative. We strongly recommend that all who are able, do all they can to attend, the commitment is real but so are the results. Please call us directly to discuss scheduling and pricing for the FIP.

“I wanted to thank you and everyone involved in allowing me to participate in your new family program at The Hills. It was an amazing and very educational experience for both myself and I believe for my son (the patient) as well. I was very apprehensive and nervous initially because I didn’t know how my son would react and I saw that he was just as anxious if not more so than me, after meeting with (his therapist) individually and then with (the patient) some of the walls started to come down and for the first time in probably more than 10 years I heard my son actually share some of his true feelings, it was wonderful to experience that and I saw some of his anxiety start to melt. The next day I was allowed to join in on all his groups, all the presenters had such valuable information they were fantastic and listening to every one share made me see their pain in a different light. Both my son and I have gained some very important education especially in the way we communicate with each other and how I can be stronger in loving him without enabling him….. I actually didn’t want to leave on Monday I felt closer to my son then I have felt in quite some time. I truly hope that The Hills will continue making this program available to other families I think it so vital in helping both the addict and the family survive this very deadly disease…….. “