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Executive drug rehab is the best option for affluent people to recover. These facilities have proven to be very helpful for those who have been resistant to traditional methods of drug and alcohol rehabilitation by relating to them on a level that accommodates their degree of power and wealth. Executive rehab centers are known to follow a totally individualized plan of rehabilitation with a great deal of compassionate care in order to empower their patients in recovery.

Given that executive drug rehabs often deal with a high-profile population, the business of each client is appropriately handled with total discretion. Executive rehabilitation is modeled to address executives in a manner that is executive and meets their standards of preferences. These facilities, assuming that the executive rehabs are inpatient facilities, tend to a combination of high-end executives, professionals, and wealthy individuals.

This variety is known to operate differently from the average person. Not only do they tend to lead a different quality of lifestyle, but their thinking is also more geared toward administrative functioning, which is why it makes sense that they would design a new program (that builds off of many other different programs and ideologies) that caters to their needs.

An executive rehab program is ideal for those who appreciate custom care in the sense that it will always meet their needs as opposed to the other way around. These rehabs usually employ highly skilled and highly trained individuals to minister to the clientele.

Most often, there are multiple doctors on staff, as well as therapists, psychologists, counselors, etc. Overall, what makes executive rehabs a unique option is that they offer premium care, luxury, and amenities to enable comfort and relaxation for their clients.


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Executive rehabs offer more than just rehabilitation for the drug and alcohol component. Many executive rehabs offer a variety of counseling possibilities, such as marriage counseling, family counseling, and occupational counseling. The standard for length of residency is usually 30 to 60 days, but most programs have extended living options as well as aftercare options.

Should a patient opt for aftercare, the executive rehab will line him or her up with an executive sober living that can continue to meet their needs after they complete the inpatient program. Executive rehab statistics show that those who enroll in their programs show an exceptional rate of success, and that the longer they stay, the higher the probability of long-term sobriety.