Anxiety Treatment Los Angeles CA

If you struggle with anxiety alongside your addiction, this co-occurring condition makes staying sober more difficult. Unless you find a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program, you risk being trapped in a cycle of relapse and recovery. With the proper help, you gain greater peace, balance, and stability in your life than ever before. Entering the right rehab for addiction and anxiety treatment changes your life for the long term.

Why Anxiety Treatment Is Important in Rehab

anxiety-treatmentWhen you gain a dual diagnosis of anxiety and addiction, you need treatment for both problems at once. If you only treat your addiction, the anxiety soon spins you out of control again.

Without anxiety treatment in rehab, stress can feel overwhelming or cause you to avoid social situations. You struggle to maintain relationships. You cannot seem to keep a job, adding to your stress and anxiety.

A dual diagnosis detox and rehab understands your mental condition. A rehab that understands the role anxiety plays in your addiction also provides a real chance for you to manage your two largest problems.

The Nature of Your Anxiety

Most people suffer anxiety from a wide range of causes. However, you probably do not yet know all of your own anxiety triggers. Panic attacks can occur anytime, anywhere. The symptoms make you fearful for your well-being and safety, even making you feel like a heart attack is imminent.

Symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Irregular heartbeat and chest pain
  • Breathing problems
  • Terror and paranoia
  • Nervousness
  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness

Although you feel very alone in your mental condition, many people share your symptoms and need for anxiety treatment. In fact, one in 75 Americans suffers from anxiety disorders. Although these panic attacks rarely cause heart attack or death, you still feel your life threatened each time.

Over time, you even fear having anxiety so much that you withdraw from your favorite activities. You avoid public scenarios and even stop seeing friends and family with the regularity you prefer.

Addiction Often Co-Occurs with Anxiety

Many people self-medicate their anxiety through drugs or alcohol. Whether this drug and alcohol abuse is intentional or not, addiction frequently takes over. At the same time, you stop feeling the benefits of the abused substances. You start experiencing more and more anxiety on this dark path before anxiety treatment.

Up to 40 percent of people with anxiety abuse alcohol, according to a recent study published in the journal Behaviour Research and Therapy. Up to 20 percent of people with ongoing anxiety or panic disorder struggle with drug abuse. The majority of these people suffer anxiety first, followed by substance abuse. But some people develop anxiety during substance abuse or first see the signs of their condition during addiction.

To maintain a healthy life with freedom from your anxiety and substance abuse, you also need to learn healthy ways of managing your symptoms and staying in recovery. Without these coping skills, your anxiety drives you back into addiction or vice versa. Helpful anxiety treatment in rehab includes yoga therapy, meditation, physical fitness, individual counseling and group therapy.

The Best Anxiety Treatment Los Angeles CA Can Offer

When you’re looking for rehab in the Hollywood Hills, you can find the best anxiety treatment Los Angeles CA can offer. The Hills Treatment Center offers dual diagnosis treatment in a private and luxurious rehab focused on helping you gain the lasting recovery you need. This secluded, highly inclusive program includes:

When you enter The Hills, you gain an extremely individualized treatment plan designed to provide the anxiety treatment Los Angeles CA residents trust. Call The Hills Treatment Center now at 844-915-0287 to learn more about luxury rehab treatment in Los Angeles.