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dual-diagnosisIf you’re currently dealing with substance abuse or addiction, you know what a hold drugs and alcohol can have on your life. Your substance of choice alters your mood and your thinking, alienating you from loved ones and negatively impacting other important aspects of your life. Often times, the existence of a mental health condition compounds these issues. The combination of substance abuse with some form of mental illness is known as “dual diagnosis.” Essentially, you’re dealing with two incredibly difficult problems at one time. Such compounding issues aren’t uncommon, and they can work together in ways that make it even more important that you get qualified help. Here at The Hills Treatment Center, our caring staff is familiar with the struggles you may be dealing with, and we have the resources to assist you in breaking the cycle of your diagnoses.

About Dual Diagnosis

The combinations of substance dependency and mental illness are practically limitless. A broad number of disorders can exist simultaneously with a drug or alcohol addiction of any kind. It’s also true that one can trigger the other. Perhaps symptoms of your mental health condition led you to begin drinking as an escape. It’s also possible that negative outcomes of addiction contributed to your current emotional and mental health state.

Dual diagnoses are quite common. As noted, the issues can feed off of each other, sometimes making it difficult to know which developed first. Some groups are more prone to experiencing both mental health and substance abuse issues. Men are in this group more frequently than women. Also, those who are dealing with an existing medical condition, military veterans and individuals who come from a lower socioeconomic background tend to rank highly among those with co-occurring conditions.

Types of Treatment

The Hills Treatment Center is well aware that psychological disorders frequently go hand-in-hand with alcoholism and drug addiction. We have expert, caring staff and innovative programs to meet your needs as you work to overcome these struggles. We work with our clients to develop treatment plans that effectively address the physical addiction and mental health aspects that come with it.

Detox may be necessary first and foremost in order to help your body ease its dependence on drugs or alcohol. Psychotherapy is the next part of an effective dual diagnosis treatment program. The therapeutic approach that your team uses depends upon your unique combination of needs. Options such as individual or group therapy, partial hospitalization, family therapy or aftercare programs are available. Medical professionals may prescribe medication, along with therapy, in order to help you manage the symptoms of your mental health condition. Drug or alcohol rehabilitation is another essential component of effective multi-level treatment.

Unique Benefits at The Hills Treatment Center

Here at The Hills Treatment Center, we’re proud to provide a host of benefits you won’t likely find elsewhere. Our location is in Los Angeles, but on four secluded acres. It’s convenient yet far enough away that you can focus on your recovery. We encourage our clients to maintain their lives of comfort while in rehab.

Enjoy delicious meals that our world-class chef prepares and rejuvenate yourself with our yoga or massage facilities. We value and treat you as a whole person. Our personalized programs offer specific services to meet the needs of clients by sexual orientation, gender and age.

Dealing with a dual diagnosis can seem insurmountable, especially on your own. Fortunately, you don’t have to face that road alone. Let our compassionate staff assist you in overcoming the physical and mental challenges you face along your journey to wellness. Call us today at 844-915-0287 to start living your best life.