Drug Detox Services

When you’re considering treatment for drug addiction, the path to healing often begins with detox. A drug detox program supports your body as it goes through significant physical and mental changes that set you up for success.

In some cases, quitting cold turkey can be dangerous. Withdrawal from some substances, such as alcohol, can be fatal. Undergoing a supported drug detox can help prevent unpleasant symptoms and get you through the first stage of recovery.

Physical Drug Detox

drug-detoxThe detox process is different for various drugs. Alcohol is one of the drugs that people most commonly abuse in the US. If you’ve decided to quit drinking, you’ll need to remove the chemicals from your body before you can begin treatment.

However, detox from alcohol is particularly risky. The sedative effects of alcohol slow down communication in your brain. When you stop drinking, your brain floods your nervous system with stimulation. This excitatory neural activity can lead to seizures. Other dangers of alcohol withdrawal are delirium tremens, hallucinations and extreme disorientation.

Some of these symptoms may occur when you stop using other drugs. Opioids often produce intense side effects, including nausea, pain, hallucinations and tremors. Benzodiazepine detox brings with it severe symptoms that can come and go over the course of several weeks. Some withdrawal symptoms may last for years.

The side effects of withdrawal from drugs such as cocaine and marijuana are less serious than those from painkillers, benzos and alcohol. However, the symptoms can still be disagreeable. Finding the right program to help you get through detox gently and as painlessly as possible can set you up for success.

Psychological Detox

Psychological detox can be just as powerful as physical detox. When you’ve been engaging in a substance abuse activity for a certain amount of time, cessation can be emotional.

You may feel isolated and alone. You might not want to associate with people who used with you. It can be difficult to know where to turn.

The staff at The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles has the training and capabilities to help you through this challenging time. We’re available around the clock so that you never have to struggle alone. In fact, many of our staff members have been through similar detox programs.

Don’t Let Detox Prevent You From Healing

Many people avoid drug treatment programs because they’re afraid that the drug withdrawal process will be too agonizing. However, they may not know that they don’t have to endure anguish and distress to rid their bodies of toxic chemicals.

At The Hills Treatment Center, it’s our mission to make this potentially turbulent time as comfortable and soothing as possible. We surround our clients with the most luxurious amenities so that they feel relieved and restored.

During detox, you’ll be able to relax in luxury. Daily bedding changes keep you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Massage and yoga can help ease your body and mind into wellness. Our world-class chef prepares food to nourish you from within.

After you’ve gone through withdrawal, you can begin treatment. We offer several programs that help you manage cravings and learn to live without being dependent on drugs. Our targeted and customized therapies give you a chance to connect with yourself and others as you work toward sustainable recovery.

Our programs include:

We know how hard it is when it feels like drugs control your life. Start the process with drug detox at a luxury rehab center. Contact us at 844-915-0287 to take the first step.