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When loved ones suffer from drug addiction, the most important thing is to get them professional help. When it comes to getting help, though, many people don’t know where to start. Looking for drug rehab isn’t something that most people do on a regular basis. Below is information about drug detox and rehab facilities to make the search easier.

Drug Detox Comes First

drug-detox-and-rehab-facilitiesDetox is the first step in addiction treatment. Proper detox sets the stage for effective rehab.

The problem is that most rehab centers don’t offer on-site detox services. This means that people have to search for detox services at different locations. Once they finish detox, they then have to go through the process of transferring to a rehab center.

The first bit of advice is to find a rehab center that also offers an on-site detox program. Getting both of these services in the same location prevents having to look for separate drug detox and rehab facilities. In the end, it can save time and money, and it’s less stressful for those in treatment.

Look for Drug Detox and Rehab Facilities That Customize the Treatment

There are a lot of features to consider when people look for drug detox and rehab facilities. However, some of them are more important than others. One example is tailored treatment plans.

When it comes to drug treatment, everyone recovers at a different rate. Many variables affect how long that it takes for people to achieve sobriety and learn how to manage addiction. Their age, family history, and other underlying mental issues play a role. As such it’s important to find rehab and detox centers that create treatment plans around these factors.

The process starts off with an evaluation. During this time, the treatment facility determines the best course of action to help people overcome addiction. In most cases, people won’t have the same recovery plans. These plans are unique to individuals’ needs and move at a pace with which they feel comfortable.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Another important feature to consider is dual diagnosis treatment. Studies show that the development of one mental disorder can quickly lead to the development of more. Since addiction is a mental disorder, it’s common for other mental illnesses to develop alongside it.

On the other hand, addiction can develop as a result of another mental disorder. People who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses often self-medicate for relief. Self-medicating is the process of using drugs such as alcohol to cover the symptoms of a mental illness.

The only problem is that alcohol and drugs don’t help people deal with the source of the problem. Since self-medication only covers up the issue, people continue to use drugs to maintain relief. Taking drugs in this manner can quickly lead to drug abuse and eventually addiction.

At that point, they need drug detox and rehab facilities that can treat both conditions at the same time. That’s what dual diagnosis treatment does.

The Hills Treatment Center Can Provide Detox and Rehab Services

At The Hills Treatment Center, we believe in helping you throughout the entire treatment process. That includes providing medical attention and other services as you detox from drugs. We take great pride in offering treatment that you can count on.

The Hills Treatment Center also creates customized treatment plans with a wide variety of services. Our goal is to offer the care that you need to fully recover from your addiction. Some of the services that we offer include:

Don’t settle for drug detox and rehab facilities that don’t tailor treatment according to your needs. Reach out to The Hills Treatment Center today. Call us at 844-915-0287 to learn more.

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