Detox for Women

When choosing a detox and treatment program, many women opt for all female recovery programs. Women and men both benefit from specific treatment approaches tailored to their needs. While the physical process of drug detox is the same for men and women, the emotional needs of the sexes may be different. Attending a program that has detox for women specifically can make the recovery process a little easier.

Facilities with detox for women incorporate traditional detox methods with the unique needs of women. Drugs and alcohol abuse affect men and women differently. Women who are addicted to drugs are at risk of infertility and other reproductive problems. Female detox centers pay careful attention to the medical needs of women withdrawing from dangerous drugs. Women are less likely to seek treatment for drug addiction than men due to family issues and social stigmas. Co-occurring mental disorders are also very common in women who suffer from addiction. An all women detox center provides psychological aid to those suffering from disorders such as anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. For women who have suffered physical or sexual abuse and trauma, an all woman’s facility can ease some discomfort when women begin attending counseling sessions. Female detox centers provide women with the safety and comfort often not achieved in co-ed detox centers.
Seeking an All Female Detox Center

Detox is an essential part of addiction recovery. Women seeking treatment for their addiction can find all women detox programs throughout the United States. For some women, choosing a female detox program is the first step towards living a happy, sober life. If you’re ready to recover from an addiction and seeking a female only detox center, contact The Hills Treatment Center. We can help you overcome your addiction safely and comfortably. Call 844-915-0287 today.