When it comes to drug rehab, detoxing is an important step. Men and women have different needs when it comes to detoxing. Unfortunately, many men and women use the same detox plan. Detox for men focuses on men’s individual needs, which speeds up the process.

What Does It Mean to Detox?

While many people associate detox with drug rehab, it doesn’t only relate to rehab programs. Detoxing is the process of removing any toxins from the body. Some people go on a detox to remove toxins that they ingest from eating unhealthy foods.

In terms of drug rehab, detoxing refers to removing the toxins that drugs leave behind. No matter if someone is a male or female, detoxing is the first step to recovery. In fact, some rehab centers won’t even accept clients who haven’t undergone detox.

Thankfully, the body has all the tools that it needs to detox. However, people can speed up the process if they give their bodies access to the nutrition that they need. Men and women require different nutrition and therapy to achieve that. A program that focuses on detox for men takes into account the unique nutritional and emotional needs that men have.

How Long Does Detox for Men Take?

Detox differs from person to person. No two people detox at the same speed. With that said, men as a whole tend to detox slower than women. To account for that, programs that focus on detox for men tend to last longer than programs for women.

Of course, other factors determine the speed of detox. For example, the longer that people take drugs, the longer that it takes for them to detox. It’s also harder to detox from some drugs than others.

The process usually starts within the first 24 to 48 hours after the last drug use. The most intense detox symptoms generally happen within the first few days. Less severe symptoms can last for a week or longer. In rare cases, people continue to experience detox symptoms for months.

It’s important to keep in mind that there’s no cure for addiction. Certain symptoms also never go away, such as drug cravings. However, detox and rehab can help people learn to manage these cravings.

Rehab After Detox

Detoxing from drugs is just the start. It’s important to seek rehab afterward. Most people relapse when they don’t spend the proper amount of time in rehab. Detoxing helps cleanse the body of toxins. However, rehab helps people learn how to avoid relapse and manage addiction.

Most rehab centers don’t offer detox programs. Unfortunately, patients have to transfer between multiple establishments. If possible, it’s best to find a rehab center that also offers detox for men and women.

Let The Hills Treatment Center Help You With Rehab and Detox for Men

We know how important it is for people to get rehab and detox services in the same location. That’s why The Hills Treatment Center offers gender-specific rehab and detox programs. From detox to men’s rehab, we offer it all. Some programs and services that we offer include:

We consider ourselves a luxury rehab center. In fact, we own a 4-acre estate right in the middle of Los Angeles. This large piece of land allows people to stay right in the middle of the city while maintaining their privacy.

At The Hills Treatment Center, clients receive healthy and delicious meals from our world-class chef. In addition, we offer yoga and meditation classes to help reduce stress.

Beyond amenities, we offer life skills and job placement programs. These programs help people prepare for life after rehab.

Don’t waste your time trying to overcome addiction alone. Let The Hills Treatment Center show you down the path to recovery. Reach out to us day or night at 844-915-0287 for more information.