Detox Centers Provide Professional Help

There are a variety of options when seeking help for substance abuse. True recovery begins in detox centers and continues through rehab and aftercare programs. The key to ensuring successful completion of a detox, rehab and aftercare program lies in choosing a comfortable treatment environment. For greatest success, the environment should be warm and welcoming, with supportive staff providing a personal approach that extends beyond “professional help.”

How Top Detox Centers Provide the First Professional Help for Substance Abuse

Many centers designed for detox are set up in the style of a residence, yet can still feel more like a hospital environment. The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles provides detox in a secluded, upscale environment with privacy and dignity. Additionally, one-on-one staff attention ensures the entire experience of withdrawal is as comfortable as possible. For couples with both partners caught in the hold of addiction, couples’ detox is available.

Detox within a controlled and attentive setting starts with an addiction assessment and personalized consultation. These means of getting to know patients help staff determine the best pathway for individual treatment. Our team customizes treatment plans according to several determinations, including:

  • Type of substances abused
  • The last time drugs or alcohol were consumed
  • Typical dosage
  • Duration of abuse
  • Past attempts at detox and rehab
  • How past detox succeeded or failed
  • Personal needs, such as dietary or pet care

The kind and attentive staff of The Hills then develops a protocol for detoxification and personal comfort. As part of this care, daily housekeeping takes care of clean bedding and other needs. A world-class chef provides nutritional support for strength and wellness. Massage and yoga are also available for relaxation throughout the detox process.

These kind of personalized attention is unique to The Hills among the multitude of cookie-cutter approaches of other detox center options. However, what truly makes The Hills unique is that those who have been in your shoes are the ones who design and direct your program. Throughout your care, you’ll be provided with consultations and guidance by leaders in addiction medicine.

What Top Detox Centers Recommend as the Next Step

Of course, detox center treatment only rids the body of harmful substances and cleanses it of past abuse. The next step, into rehab, is critical for long term sobriety and wellness without relapse.

Rehab programs can vary widely from facility to facility. However, they tend to follow a similar template for methods of delivery. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, most rehab facilities offer core programs in the following formats:

At The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, residential rehab takes place in a luxurious environment, at a secluded estate that was once a celebrity residence. Partial treatment is for those who need to follow the same therapeutic path as those in the residential program, but also need to spend overnights at home. Intensive outpatient treatment is conducted in the world-famous Melrose district.

The Hills provides accredited detox and rehab for patients who are truly ready to overcome their addiction. Additionally, the program extends a step further into reintegration into home life, through provision of sober companions and other options, such as sober living housing.

Professionalism Meets Personalization in The Hills

The Hills Treatment Center exists to meet the needs of patients ready to overcome addiction within a luxurious environment parallel to their typical living style. Caring staff who have succeeded in attaining and maintaining sobriety provide comfort through personal support and understanding. Through the private surroundings of The Hills and this attentive care from people who truly understand your journey, you can achieve lasting recovery.

If you’re ready to gain the professional yet personal help of an accredited detox center for lasting recovery, call The Hills Treatment Center now at 844-915-0287.