Alcohol Detox Services

Alcohol addiction is a complicated disease. Because it’s a legal substance for those over the age of 21, many individuals don’t view alcohol as a problem. Unfortunately, easy access and acceptance in many social situations can make it too easy for someone to develop an addiction to alcohol. Moving past alcohol abuse on your own isn’t always possible. Fortunately, The Hills Treatment Center offers alcohol detox services that make escaping the grips of addiction possible. Learn more about alcohol abuse and detox below.

About Alcohol Addiction and Abuse

alcohol-detoxAlcohol abuse refers to an unhealthy use of alcohol. This can include drinking heavily on a daily basis or not being able to stop drinking. This dangerous habit can lead to many problems within your life, including poor work performance, drunk driving, relationship problems and depression. Essentially, alcohol takes over your life. It can cause you to lose your job or face legal problems.

Additionally, it can turn into alcohol dependency or addiction quickly. This addiction is a physical and mental need to consume alcoholic beverages. It’s not a character flaw or something that’s bad about your personality. It’s a legitimate health issue. You may be able to recognize alcoholism through a variety of signs, including:

  • Feeling unable to control the amount you drink or can’t stop drinking.
  • Building a tolerance that requires you to drink more to get drunk.
  • Experiencing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal like tremors, anxiety or nervousness when you don’t drink.
  • Spending most of your free time around alcohol or activities related to it.
  • Inability to quit on your own.
  • Relationship problems.

Alcoholism isn’t your fault. It’s a disease that requires professional treatment, including alcohol detox.

About Alcohol Detox at The Hills

The Hills can help you recover from your alcohol addiction through professional alcohol detox. Our qualified, expert staff work with you 24/7 to help ease the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. We consult with substance abuse experts to provide the most up-to-date treatment for our clients. Our staff strives to be both kind and attentive to your needs. Many of them been in your shoes as well and understand your struggle. There are no judgments here—only top-notch recovery services customized to your unique needs.

How The Hills Is Different

Along with our premier alcohol withdrawal treatment modalities, we offer advantages you won’t find anywhere else. Here at The Hills, we know that your best chance of recovering from substance abuse occurs when you’re in a comfortable, caring atmosphere. Our facility offers comfortable accommodations, one-to-one attention from treatment staff, and a world-class chef. Additionally, we offer yoga, fitness and massage. Overcoming addiction is about the mind, spirit and body. We believe in treating the whole person.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism, you don’t have to go it alone. We’re here for you and to provide the support you need to move past your alcohol addiction. It’s our sincere wish to help you along the road to recovery in a way that is nurturing, compassionate and effective. Contact us today at 844-915-0287 for more information.