Drug Addiction Aftercare Program

drug-addiction-aftercareCompleting drug rehab is a great accomplishment for anyone who struggles with addiction. However, it’s important to note that the road to recovery doesn’t end with rehab. Fighting addiction is an ongoing battle that requires help and support beyond traditional treatment. That’s when drug addiction aftercare is an effective service.

What Is a Drug Addiction Aftercare Program?

A drug addiction aftercare program is a rehab service that continues counseling and support after rehab. Some aftercare programs have different requirements before people can enroll. For example, the participants must remain sober for a set period of time. On the other hand, some aftercare programs allow people to enroll right after rehab.

Aftercare programs can also offer specialized treatment that focuses on one certain drug. For example, people can enter an aftercare program for cocaine, heroin or alcohol. Other programs, however, act as more of an extension of basic rehab and provide support for all drugs. Determining which type of aftercare program is right for you depends on your individual needs.

What Are the Goals of Aftercare Treatment?

There are several goals that most rehab centers strive to achieve with drug addiction aftercare. The first is to help people build a sense of self-responsibility to hold themselves to a much higher standard. Having a high self-image helps them become functional contributors to society.

Beyond that, a drug addiction aftercare program helps clients stabilize relationships within their families. Addiction often puts a strain on family ties. Aftercare programs aim to mend these wounds so that the families can repair broken bonds. It’s important because families have major roles in support networks after rehab.

Furthermore, aftercare programs help people reach financial stability. Re-entering society is never easy, but financial stability can take some of the strain away. Additionally, it’s an important part of regaining independence. Achieving financial stability involves getting a job, saving money and finding a place to live.

Helping People Avoid Relapse

Beyond the goals of drug addiction aftercare, these programs offer many other benefits. One of the most important is that they help people avoid relapse. When individuals come out of rehab, their risk for relapse is very high for the first 60 days.

People don’t relapse because they want to. Instead, they become overwhelmed with the freedom that they get after rehab. They also often find it difficult to get back to normal. In the end, they turn back to drugs for comfort.

Sober living treatments provide support for at least 60 days. Helping people re-enter society also takes the pressure off of them. Keeping stress levels down is key to preventing relapse.

Lastly, aftercare helps people build strong support systems outside of rehab. Addiction is an ongoing battle that they fight long after treatment. Having support outside of rehab is key to avoiding relapse later on.

The Hills Treatment Center Can Provide Aftercare Treatment

Do you think a drug addiction aftercare program can help you? If so, consider visiting The Hills Treatment Center. We provide tailored treatment that caters to your needs. We also take great pride in offering luxury treatment that keeps your stress levels down.

At the Hills Treatment Center, we understand that good rehab goes beyond offering a luxury environment. That’s why we have a wide variety of treatment options as well. Our friendly staff brings these addiction programs to life. Alongside drug addiction aftercare, some of the other programs that we offer include:

Don’t let your drug recovery end when you complete a standard rehab program. Find out what drug addiction aftercare can do for you. Call us at 844-915-0287 to learn more about aftercare programs.