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The potential for relapse is a reality for anyone recovering from drug addiction. When individuals finish residential programs, they often feel like they’re ready to take on the world. This feeling of great willpower and confidence is common in early sobriety. However, the reality is that without a comprehensive, strong aftercare program, early recovery can be overwhelming. Building an aftercare treatment plan that includes the right tools for sobriety can support a lifetime of addiction recovery.

The Importance of Aftercare Treatment

Aftercare for addiction treatment is intensely personal. The time period following rehab is when individuals in early recovery begin facing the real world again and discovering what obstacles they’ll need to overcome to remain sober. During this time, they need all the support that they can get to prevent relapse.

Drug-Addiction-Rehab-CenterWhile family and friends can create a wonderful support network, they aren’t able to provide everything that someone in recovery needs.

The Hills Treatment Center helps clients through those first critical days, weeks, and months back home. We strive to keep our clients connected to the progress they made in treatment, especially when they’re still so vulnerable. Our knowledgeable staff creates detailed, personalized plans to help them face the demons and temptations they’ll face along the path to sustained sobriety.

The Hills Aftercare & Follow-Up Program

The Hills’ unique aftercare program allows our clients take aftercare to a higher level through regular check-ins, reminders, and follow-ups, even while they’re on the go. This tool helps them to meet the goals they set at the end of treatment and achieve better outcomes in recovery. No other facility cares about what happens to their clients after residential treatment like we do. With solid connections and easy communication tools at their fingertips, our clients are empowered to find it easy to stay on track and grow in their sobriety.

Staying Active in Recovery Through The Hills Treatment Center

Addiction treatment doesn’t end where life begins. Instead, it’s a lifelong endeavor that we’ve made a commitment to be there for. In order to stay in active recovery, our clients need continued support. Through our specialized and individualized tools, options for outpatient treatment, and aftercare resources, every individual who works with us can stay strong in their personal recovery goals.

For more information about The Hills Treatment Center and our aftercare management system, call us today at 844-915-0287 or contact us online.