Relapse Prevention Strategies

relapse-preventionCompleting rehab doesn’t mean that people no longer have to worry about addiction. In fact, addiction is a mental disorder that doesn’t go away. Through rehab, people learn to control the condition. Using relapse prevention strategies, they can take their control to the next level.

Relapse Prevention Strategies

The term “relapse” means that someone has shown deterioration after signs of improvement. With drug use, relapse means that they go back to using drugs after getting clean. For people who suffer from addiction, relapse is always a possibility. However, using the tips below can help them avoid relapse.

Remember the Four Ds

The four Ds is one of the most common relapse prevention strategies. They include delay, distract, deep breathing and de-catastrophize. Experts like this strategy, because it’s easy for people to remember.

The first D is for delay. Usually, cravings come in waves that last about 20 minutes. The goal is for people to delay using drugs until the wave passes. If they can wait out the wave, then they’re less likely to relapse.

The second D is for distract. While waiting for a craving to end, people should find something to distract themselves. Hobbies such as sports or video games are great ways for them to distract themselves during cravings.

The third D is for deep breathing. Taking deep breaths reduces stress and helps people remain calm. Staying calm is important because the majority of relapse cases happen during periods of stress.

The fourth D is for de-catastrophize. When people are in the middle of a craving, it’s easy for them to have catastrophic thoughts. They have to avoid focusing on the bad. Instead, they should think about the fact that cravings don’t last long.

Avoid Triggers

During rehab, people learn about their drug triggers. These are events, people or places that make them want to use drugs. To avoid feeling like they need to use, they should avoid these triggers.

Relapse prevention requires people to make a list of their triggers. With the list in hand, they devise ways to remove themselves from those triggers. In some cases, it involves avoiding certain places or finding new friends.

PIG Awareness

While avoiding relapse, people have to remember to watch out for the Problem of Immediate Gratification (PIG). Sometimes they turn to drugs to get instant gratification for their actions. Instead, they need to remember the penalties that come alongside relapse. For most people, the outcome far outweighs the immediate satisfaction.

Continue Treatment

Addiction treatment doesn’t end when rehab ends. Relapse prevention requires people to continue attending addiction meetings and relying on the support system that they built during treatment. It’s important for them to remember the things that they learned during rehab. Going to meetings can help them do that.

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