Individual Therapy Activities

Working through your addiction includes a great deal of focus on yourself and your own needs. For healthy recovery, you need a wide range of individual therapy activities. These therapies help you understand why you started abusing substances and how to overcome your triggers and temptations. Some of your biggest personal breakthroughs in rehab will happen in therapy.

Why is individual therapy so important in rehab?

individual-therapy-activitiesAddiction takes hold when you aren’t able to manage your own needs. Instead, you bury your own needs by using drugs or alcohol. Many people share this journey with you, so you don’t stand alone. However, to overcome your addiction struggles, you need to focus on the most important person in your life—yourself.

Individual therapy activities examine your past and present while preparing you for your future. Maybe you started abusing drugs or alcohol after trauma or abuse. Or maybe you suffer a co-occurring condition of mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, PTSD or bipolar disorder. Self-medicating these disorders can quickly lead to addiction.

Whatever your reasons for turning to drugs or alcohol, individual therapy activities help you gain understanding and self-awareness. You gain new skills for coping with your triggers and temptations. You also learn how to achieve your goals in your new, sober life. Without these individual therapy activities, your addiction cannot heal.

What are individual therapy activities?

In rehab, you go through individual, family and group therapy. Together, these therapies help you gain the insight, self-awareness, skills, and knowledge you need for strong recovery. At The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, our individual therapy activities include:

Pet therapy involves you and your pet working together for your best health. Your pet provides unconditional love, acceptance and emotional support in pet-friendly rehab. Having your cat or dog nearby makes it easier to recover. You feel needed and apply yourself to your program more completely.

Psychotherapy and individual therapy help you understand and resolve your negative feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that led you to addiction. You learn positive ways to solve your problems while also learning about your addiction. You gain coping skills to avoid relapse and build a better future. Individual therapy takes place one-on-one with a therapist as part of a confidential, trusted relationship.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps you recognize and change unhealthy thoughts that lead to bad behaviors, mental illness, and negative feelings. In this therapy, you and the therapist discuss your thought patterns.

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) treats mental health conditions and addiction through problem solving and self-acceptance. In this therapy, you learn about your negative belief systems and how to eliminate those beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. You also gain coping skills to help you deal with your strong emotions.

Healing Yourself through Therapy for Lasting Recovery

Individual therapies help you gain a strong, lasting recovery. These therapies make up part of your addiction rehab program at The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles. You also gain group and family therapies, along with other treatment methods.

Programs that The Hills Treatment Center offers include:

Therapy plays a major role in your recovery from addiction. It also paves the way for a brighter, healthier future. For your best recovery from drugs or alcohol, call The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California at 844-915-0287. You can have the life you want in recovery. It starts with making this call.