Counseling is an important part of rehabilitation. A variety of issues can arise as a result of substance abuse. When you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, problems with loved ones or job-related difficulties can arise. The Hills Treatment Center offers expert programs such as group therapy to help you overcome your addiction, while learning to manage other aspects of your life.

You don’t have to deal with substance abuse on your own. You can get the support you need and deserve here at the Hills Treatment Center.

About Group Therapy

group-therapyPsychotherapy involves talking to a counselor or mental health professional about the primary issues that are negatively affecting you. This process allows you to discuss past trauma, current stresses or other factors that are causing you difficulties. It’s not just aimless chit chat, though. During these sessions, you can work with your therapist to identify the main disruptive issues in your life and to develop a plan to address them. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you also learn effective ways to deal with problems, breaking old habits and moving forward in a healthier way.

Group therapy, as its name suggests, is counseling in a format that goes beyond an individual client and therapist. These sessions typically have between five and 15 members, led by one or two counselors. This structure can be particularly successful for addressing certain types of issues. The topics of a particular group usually revolve around a particular mental health condition, substance abuse problem or social concern.

Benefits of Group Sessions

You may think that group therapy sounds intimidating or that the idea of sharing your problems with a bunch of other people seems difficult. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but people often discover that the experience is actually quite rewarding.

Having the chance to hear similar stories from others can be an incredible relief, and these shared experiences often lead to strong bonding between group members. Members provide a unique source of support and accountability that is simply missing from individual counseling.

Hearing other people’s stories of struggle helps you to see that you’re not the only one suffering and that others have similar difficult stories. As group members get to know each other, it’s not uncommon for these people to become each other’s biggest cheerleaders. They don’t judge you, and it’s nice to have them there to help you celebrate each small victory.

You can gain a great deal of knowledge in group counseling settings. Hearing the experiences of others helps you to understand that everyone has troubles, and it also lets you hear a diverse range of perspectives. Along with the therapists, each group member brings a unique set of experiences to the table. Hearing stories of other people’s successful problem solving strategies and their potential solutions to current issues is motivational, as well as insightful.

How The Hills Can Help

The expert mental health staff at The Hills Treatment Center offers group counseling options across a number of our programs. There are groups that focus on specific substance abuse issues, along with types that address certain populations. Our family counselingintensive outpatientpartial treatment and aftercare programs each offer a group component, along with unique benefits depending on your needs.

The amenities we offer are second to none. We know it’s helpful to be able to work on your recovery in a comfortable setting, and we value you as an individual. That’s why we’re proud to provide such options as a massage, yoga, a world-class chef, and other unique programs.

The road to recovery can be a long one, but it’s definitely a more pleasant one when you have support. The group therapy programs at the Hills Treatment Center can be a useful part of that support. Call us at 844-915-0287 if you have questions or would like to visit our facilities.