Overcoming addiction is like peeling an onion. First, you need to purify your body from the toxic effects of the substance you’ve been abusing. Then, layer by layer, comes the challenging work of understanding what led to or worsened your addiction as well as how it’s affected every part of your life. In many ways, physical detoxification is the easy part. It’s when you sincerely put your efforts into drug counseling that the real healing can begin.

The First Step

Substance abuse therapy cannot take place until after you successfully detoxify your body from the physical effects of the substance. Abruptly ceasing to use your drug of choice on your own is extremely dangerous. That’s because the physical symptoms of withdrawal can be highly uncomfortable and traumatic for the body.

Instead of going “cold turkey,” detox is far safer and more likely to be lasting if you do it under the supervision of a physician in a residential setting. While you’re there, the doctor may prescribe medications to ease the symptoms of withdrawal from your substance of choice, including alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, or barbiturates.

Types of Drug Counseling

Once you’re free of the physical effects of a substance, you should transition immediately into addiction therapy. Detox alone isn’t enough. Those who try to go back to their normal lives after detox with no ongoing addiction treatment usually fail. That’s because they’ve only treated the symptom without delving into its causes or consequences.

For instance, you may use alcohol or drugs as a way to numb yourself from stress or emotional pain. For months or years, this has been your only coping strategy. After detox, it will be nearly impossible to resist it when you encounter triggers unless you have put alternative coping mechanisms in place.

Deciding which type of treatment is right for you can be a challenge since every person and addiction is different. In general, there are several types of treatment that treatment centers customize to fit a person’s unique needs:

Residential inpatient — This long-term option can last for several months and gives you time to explore your addiction and behaviors in a therapeutic community of staff and other clients. The facilities that provide this intervention can have varying philosophies of treatment, which will affect the experience you have. Activities help you to examine your beliefs and addiction triggers and come up with healthier alternatives.

Short-term residential — Although not as comprehensive as long-term residential, these programs offer intensive, 12-Step based therapy. Upon graduation, you continue to receive outpatient services and attend peer support groups such as AA or NA.

Outpatient treatment programs — These programs allow you to stay at home while attending structured treatment on a regular basis. The intensity can vary, but most outpatient programs contain individual and group drug counseling.

How The Hills Treatment Center Can Help

When you’re a prisoner to the merciless cycle of addiction, figuring out how to help yourself can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t need to do it alone. Whether this is your first attempt at drug recovery or you’ve been unsuccessful in the past and are ready to make a real change, the caring and knowledgeable counselors at The Hills Treatment Center can be your lifeline.

Situated off the beaten path in the iconic Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, The Hills is designed specifically to make your recovery as comfortable and effective as possible.

We’re not some assembly line recovery center that is more concerned about numbers and the bottom line than we are about the people we serve. From your first call to our counselors, you’ll see the difference.

We take the time to truly get to know you, to understand your physical, medical and addiction history in order to craft the best possible customized plan to facilitate your healing. Empathy isn’t just some concept we study. We understand where you are because we have been there ourselves. In addition to drug counseling, you can expect much more at The Hills to make your lasting recovery possible:

  • Personalized, medically supervised detoxification
  • Residential rehabilitation program lets you immerse yourself in treatment in a secluded and peaceful environment
  • Intensive outpatient program enables you to receive the focused drug counseling and group therapy you need while continuing to live in your environment
  • Referrals to sober living facilities in the area to promote your long-term recovery
  • Ongoing individual and group therapy

The road of addiction can be infinitely long and lonely, but it doesn’t need to be. We want to welcome you into our community at The Hills Treatment Center. Regardless of who you are or what mistakes you have made, our staff will walk with you as you take your first steps toward lasting recovery. Call us today at 844-915-0287.