Rehab Covered by Insurance

rehab-covered-by-insuranceWhen it comes to overcoming addiction, getting professional help is crucial. With that said, some people never seek the professional treatment that they need. The main reason is that they worry about how they’ll pay for it. That’s why it’s important to know more about rehab covered by insurance.

Rehab Covered by Insurance

Most people wonder which insurance companies cover rehab. The good news is that because of government regulations, all insurance companies must provide rehab coverage. Part of the reason is that the government lists addiction as a mental illness.

However, the amount of rehab that insurance covers varies greatly depending on the policy. It’s important to check with your insurance providers to find out what kind of benefits that you have. While insurance providers have to offer some kind of support for addiction, the policy dictates the specific treatment services you can get.

Finding Out If a Rehab Center Takes Insurance

In most cases, rehab centers accept insurance of some kind. Like traditional doctors, however, not all rehab centers accept all or the same insurance policies. It’s important to contact the facilities about this matter before enrolling in a treatment program.

Usually, some kind of online insurance verification page is available on the centers’ websites as well. In most cases, rehab centers can verify insurance policies in a matter of minutes. If people have trouble filling out the insurance form, they can always contact the facilities for help.

Do Insurance Companies Cover a Specific Type of Rehab More Often?

Once again, the rehab covered by insurance varies greatly depending on people’s individual policies. However, insurers consistently cover some programs more than others. For example, more policies cover outpatient rehab than inpatient rehab. The main reason is that outpatient care often costs less than inpatient treatment.

Other times, insurance companies help people cover some of the cost of rehab. Then, it’s up to the policyholders to come up with the rest of the money. Thankfully, people can use a lot of methods to pay the remaining bill. One popular way is to get a personal or medical loan.

Other ways to cover the remaining cost of rehab include using savings or borrowing money from family members. While most people don’t like to dip into their savings, it’s important to look at rehab as an investment. Without rehab, individuals might end up spending their savings on drugs anyway. In the worst case, they might overdose and never reach a point in their lives where they need the savings.

Does Insurance Cover Detox?

Like rehab, insurance policies can also cover detox services. Of course, insurance will only cover the cost of detox if it’s part of the policy. Many insurance providers try to cover detox because it’s an essential part of every drug recovery program.

The Hills Treatment Center Can Help You Overcome Addiction

At The Hills Treatment Center, we offer rehab covered by insurance. We accept insurance because we want to give as many people as possible the chance to get help. The more insurance companies that we work with, the more people we can help. To us, helping you overcome addiction is the most important thing.

We offer a wide range of programs and services. We also work with you to create a unique treatment plan that accurately addresses your chief concerns. A few of the programs that we offer include:

Don’t let the price of rehab keep you from getting the treatment that you need. Contact us for more information about rehab covered by insurance. Dial 844-915-0287 to speak with The Hills Treatment Center today.