Understanding PPO Insurance for Addiction Treatment

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Paying for addiction treatment is one of the biggest worries that people with substance use disorder have. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all insurance providers have to provide coverage for addiction in some capacity. One example of such coverage is preferred provider organization plans or PPO insurance. With this kind of policy, people can seek treatment from the facilities that they prefer.

What Is PPO Insurance?

PPO-InsurancePPO health insurance gives people access to a flexible network of care providers. Unlike HMO insurance plans that provide a list of providers, PPO allows people to choose their own. After choosing, the provider files a claim with the insurer, and the policyholder pays the remaining difference.

PPO insurance provides numerous benefits. The biggest of these is the ability for people to choose where they want to receive care. Unfortunately, PPO insurance plans tend to cost more than other insurance plans. However, many people want to pay the higher price to get treatment at the facility they prefer.

Do PPO Insurance Policies Cover Addiction Treatment?

The ACA requires insurance companies to cover drug addiction as if it’s any other medical condition. Like with any insurance plan, however, the amount of coverage depends on each policy. Similar to an HMO plan, people may have a copay or deductible to meet first.

Finding a Rehab Center That Accepts Insurance

Not all rehab centers accept insurance. That’s why it’s so important for people to search for rehab centers that work well with insurance companies. The best facilities work closely with major insurance providers. If you’re unsure about whether the rehab center accepts insurance, you can call to check.

Ways to Pay for Addiction Rehab

Thanks to the ACA, insurance is a great way to pay for addiction rehab. However, there are ways to go about paying for rehab when insurance doesn’t cover the entire cost. For example, using savings is a good idea. While most people don’t like dipping into their savings, rehab treatment is a worthy investment.

If they don’t have enough money in savings, they could borrow money from family and friends who want to see them get treatment. In some cases, people may have to borrow money from more than one person.

Without family or friends who have the means to help, people might consider personal loans. They could put something that they own up for collateral, such as their cars. Getting a personal loan is a great way to get a large sum of money now and pay it back in installments.

Also, consider checking into state or government grants. Many programs provide funding to those who need rehab treatment. There are often stipulations on these funds, but they’re worth looking into.

Let The Hills Treatment Center Help Treat Your Addiction

If you want luxury rehab that can provide comfort, consider The Hills Treatment Center. We don’t just focus on helping you stop using drugs. We focus on helping you do so comfortably. Our facility can give you a relaxing place to overcome addiction in Los Angeles.

At The Hills Treatment Center, we use several programs to help people beat addiction. In fact, we create custom treatment plans that address the individual needs of our clients. A few of the many programs that we offer include:

Beyond traditional treatment, The Hills Treatment Center offers yoga and massage to reduce stress. We also teach our clients life skills that can help them after rehab. Our job placement program helps them get jobs after treatment too.

Don’t live another day battling addiction alone. Let The Hills Treatment Center show you down the path to recovery. Call our friendly staff today at 844-915-0287 for more information.