Optum Drug Rehab Coverage

A long-term strategy for addiction recovery involves high-quality rehabilitation. Evidence-based treatments and strong support can help you or a loved reach and maintain sobriety. A confidential, luxurious environment with amenities that make your stay pleasurable and help you transition to life after rehab can improve your chances of success. With this knowledge, you may be wondering: Will Optum drug rehab coverage pay for such a stay?

Is Optum Drug Rehab Coverage Available?

Optum-drug-rehab-coverageOptum Provider Express is a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Insurance. Because the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, requires insurance providers to pay for substance abuse treatment, Optum will cover your care. The company covers medical services for the purpose of preventing, diagnosing or treating substance abuse.

How much will Optum drug rehab coverage pay? That depends on the type of treatment that you’re receiving. Copays and deductibles vary from plan to plan. We’ll verify your benefits so you understand how much you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket.

Can I Cover The Balance?

Even if Optum drug rehab coverage doesn’t pay for your entire stay at our facility, you can make up the difference. Doing so will allow you to take advantage of all of our amenities. We offer private detox options in a cottage that’s set apart from the rest of the rooms.

Join others going through the same struggles in our residential program. You can stay on our tranquil hillside property that’s surrounded by the lively city of Los Angeles and take advantage of a 24-hour fully staffed program. Clients may also stay outside the property while visiting daily to engage in our treatment offerings through an outpatient program.

We’re secluded in a gated property with a swimming pool and beautiful views of Los Angeles. You can head out to nearby restaurants and shopping, or you can stay on the grounds to enjoy world-class service and food that our professional chefs prepare. Yoga, massage and other healing therapies round out your treatment.

In addition, we also offer sober living facilities that help you transform your lifestyle when you’re ready to move forward. Outpatient programs allow you to seek the support you need at any time. Men’s and women’s rehab programs are available to offer gender-specific therapy.

You can pay for any portion of the program that Optum Provider Express doesn’t cover. Some plans set a maximum on out-of-pocket totals. If you have one of these plans, your provider may completely cover your care after you reach the cap. Other plans require you to make up the difference.

Optum Drug Rehab Coverage And Accredited Facilities

Optum pays for medical services that are consistent with treatments that research supports. It may not cover experimental procedures. Choosing an accredited rehab, like The Hills Treatment Center, can help ensure that your insurance covers your care.

The Hills has accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Rehab Facilities or CARF. This non-profit organization ensures that rehab centers are following certain standards and providing proven treatments.

A comprehensive plan is important when you go to rehab. Detox is often the first stage of the process, but the road to ongoing recovery is more complex.

A program has to be a good fit for you. At The Hills Treatment Center, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for addiction recovery. We tailor our programs to your needs and can adapt them to your changing requirements as you move down the path to sobriety.

Don’t let addiction control your future. Make a transformation by attending a quality drug rehab center that emphasizes comfort and confidentiality. Contact us at 844-915-0287 to verify your Optum coverage and begin the admissions process.