Rehab on a Budget

How Can I Enter Drug Rehab On A Budget?

Defining-Addiction-—-A-Disease-People-Avoid-Talking-AboutDrug rehabilitation treatment can be very expensive, depending on what rehabilitation facility you choose; however, it may be extremely difficult for an individual with less money to access drug rehabilitation programs. Nevertheless, drug rehab on a budget is possible.

Even when the funds are low, there are drug rehabilitation centers to be found. State and federal agencies fund a variety of drug treatment centers, many of which operate on a sliding scale (patients pay what they can afford) and are open to negotiating payment plans. These facilities also participate in Medicaid and Medicare programs, which helps your rehab on a budget.

The federal program Access to Recovery – Taking Action to Health America’s Substance Users provides addicts and alcoholics with vouchers to help pay for treatment in several US states. However, not all states participate and most of the treatment facilities are faith-based.

Researching clinical trials may be another option. Clinical trials investigate and experiment with new counseling and/or approaches to medication treatment. These trails are free to participants who qualify. The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Clinical Trials Network may help you locate a clinical trial.

Several insurance companies provide some level of drug treatment, but there exists a wide variation in the amount and type of insurance coverage, rehab on a budget. Specific coverage may depend on factors such as addiction severity, length of addiction, drugs of choice, past treatments, and the various relationships between insurance carriers and treatment centers.