If you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, treatment is your best option. The problem for most people is that throughout their addiction, they find themselves in financial ruins. Because of this, the cost of treatment may worry you. The good news is that you don’t have to pay the full price of rehab due to insurance laws in the US.

The Price of Rehab

price-of-rehabHealthcare legislation in the United States helps people get the treatment they need. Part of this legislation states that all insurance providers must assist with the price of rehab. This is extremely helpful because it means that you don’t have to take on the whole cost yourself. Much like any other type of medical stay, your insurance will cover a great deal of your addiction treatment.

This is great news for anyone struggling with any type of mental illness, including addiction. Addiction is a serious disease that’s taking thousands of lives in our country each year. You can now rest assured knowing that your insurance will help you when you seek treatment. Insurance companies do have the option of choosing who they work with. They often base these decisions on available programs and treatments.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Although legislation states that all insurance companies must provide coverage for rehab, it doesn’t cover all rehab facilities. Since your insurance company is the one paying most of the bill, they get to choose which rehabs they work with. In order to decide which treatment centers to work with, they create a specific set of criteria. Typically, this comes in the form of some type of mental health and addiction accreditation.

There are many treatment centers that mean well but aren’t scientifically backed treatment methods. In order to get an accreditation, the treatment facility must use evidence-based treatment methods. These are various forms of therapy that therapists have proven to help people recover from addiction. This accreditation helps you know that you’re receiving the best treatment possible.

Various Forms of Therapy Covered by the Cost of Rehab

Each person who develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol has a different story and recovers in different ways. You might have had a traumatic childhood or event in your life that caused you turn to substances. Some people struggle with mental illness and self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. There are various other risk factors for addiction, but something that’s crucial is recovery options.

Some of the best forms of therapy you can receive in treatment include:

These are only some of the therapies that the price of rehab covers when you get sober. Each of these methods has different benefits for different people, which gives you options. Dual diagnosis therapy is for anyone who struggles with other mental illnesses like anxiety, depression or PTSD. CBT and DBT are other forms of evidence-based therapy that help you change habits and thoughts that are driving your addiction.

The Hills Treatment Center is here to help you on the road to recovery by providing you the resources you need to stay clean. We’re an accredited treatment facility, which means we’ll work with your insurance company. When you come to our facility, you don’t have to worry about the price of rehab. This allows you to focus on getting well so you can rebuild your life and begin your recovery journey.

We offer a variety of levels of care including:

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