Financing Drug Rehab

Are Financing Options Available For Treatment?

Inspirational-QuotesDrug treatment centers cost serious money. There are free or state-sponsored drug rehab programs out there, but the programs that have shown a celebrated level of success and that can provide quality treatment services with compassion and respect and without the hassles of waiting, are the private drug treatment facilities.

The cost of rehab may be expensive. Alcoholics and drug addicts who are ready to change their lives, but who lack sufficient funds to pay for the cost of drug rehab, do have options. There are a number of ways that you can afford financing drug rehab.

Many private drug treatment facilities, including long term alcohol rehab centers offer financing for their clients. Some are in-house financing programs that offer affordable and flexible credit terms, while some drug rehab centers work with external medical financing companies that can lend you part of, or the entire program cost, and enable you to you to make longer-term payments.

Although very high interest bearing, credit cards may give you the immediate and short term cash you need to bridge the difference between the funds available to you, and the funds required to enroll in a drug treatment program of your choice.

There are a plethora of credit institutions whose primary purpose is to finance medical expenses. These credit companies may offer you credit even if you have a less than desirable credit history; if you have a good credit history you may gain access to an immediate $20,000 or more to finance your enrollment in a drug treatment center.

The short-term interest rate on the debt you accumulate can be rather high, although many offer promotional low-interest periods and offer lower rates for longer-term repayments.

Cost of Rehab is expensive, but you may qualify for substantial personal loans, at interest rates far below what credit cards or health care cards will offer. If you own your own home, you may be eligible for a home equity loan. Home equity loans are relatively low risk loans, as you guarantee the loan amount with your home. Because your bank’s risk is low they may provide you with a loan even if your credit history has been poor.

The Cost of Rehab personal possessions are nothing to how important your health is. If you have a substantial and saleable possession, like a car, a boat, or jewelry, and you need money to get medical treatment, you may want to consider whether these assets are as necessary or important as your future heath, happiness, and serenity.

Getting loans from friends and family is a great way to get yourself into drug rehab with full emotional and financial support. While they will never agree to funding your drug habit, your friends and family will probably lend a helping hand if you clearly demonstrate intention to get better once and for all.

If you are truly committed to recovering from addiction and changing your life for the better, you should be prepared to make a financial, as well as physical, emotional and spiritual, investment in your own sobriety. Spending money on your recovery from drugs is indeed an investment, but any short term financial losses incurred for your treatment center can definitely be recouped with long-term financial gains once you’re sober. Most importantly, you will have a drug-free life ahead of you, and nothing could be more important than that.