Paying for Rehab

Once you recognize that you have a substance abuse problem, the next step is becoming sober. Paying for rehab is a common problem for addicted individuals. You know that you need treatment, but you have to find a way to pay for it. While drug rehab centers can be expensive, there are payment options and grants available that can help.

How to Pay for Rehab With Savings and Assets

The most straightforward way to pay for rehab is through your savings account. While you may be concerned about using up your savings for rehab, drug treatment is the best financial decision you can possibly make.

Addictions are extremely expensive, and you will save a significant amount of money by getting clean. If you don’t have enough money to pay for rehab, you can sell some of your assets. A boat or investments can be sold to cover the cost of rehab. Once you are clean, you will recoup the cost of these assets many times over.


Getting Loans From Family and Friends

If you can’t pay for rehab alone, your friends and family members may be able to help. An addiction affects everyone around you, so your loved ones will want to help you become sober. While you may feel uncomfortable about asking for help, it will make you a stronger person. Knowing when to get help and being able to accept support will help you with recovery. Your family and friends may be able to loan you the money for rehab. In some cases, they may even chip in without expecting you to pay the money back.


Enter Your Insurance Information to Confirm Treatment Coverage