4 Shocking Addiction Statistics

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man buying drugs wonders about addiction statistics

Dependency on drugs or alcohol is devastating lives and relationships. If it’s affecting you or someone you love, you might be tempted to downplay or minimize it. However, the following addiction statistics might just provide all the motivation you need to seek help.

The Addiction Statistics Tell the Story

man buying drugs wonders about addiction statisticsThere is a huge difference between recreational drug use or drinking and addiction. If you have an addiction, you put your substance of choice above everything and everyone and will do almost anything to get it. The following addiction statistics illustrate the severity of this unhealthy reliance:

People in the United States use 80% of the world’s supply of painkillers, yet Americans make up less than 5% of the global population. The problem is magnified by the ease with which people can obtain painkillers online.

Nearly 17 million Americans suffer from the disease of alcoholism. When they don’t treat it, alcoholism can lead to severe financial and relationship problems. Furthermore, it takes a physical toll on the body and brain and may eventually lead to death.

Using cocaine quadruples your risk of dying of cardiac arrest. Whether it’s your first or hundredth time getting high using cocaine, it might actually kill you right then and there.

In 2009, only about 11% of those with drug or alcohol addictions sought treatment. Sadly, there’s no reason to believe that these addiction statistics have changed for the better in the intervening years.

The truth is that kicking your dependence on a substance is incredibly difficult. You’re battling your physical dependence as well as the psychological factors that led to your use in the first place.

Signs That You Might Need Help

Are you spending more and more time thinking about and obtaining your drug of choice? Are you hiding the extent of your use from those you love? As time goes by, are your relationships suffering? Is your behavior sometimes out of control?

Do you experience guilt and shame followed by attempts to stop using that are ultimately unsuccessful? Are you isolating yourself from your old friends and the activities you once enjoyed?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your drug or alcohol use may be a serious addiction that requires professional help.

Don’t Become a part of the Addiction Statistics – Get the Help You Need

If your life is spiraling out of control due to your addiction, consider getting the comprehensive and compassionate help you need at The Hills Treatment Center. Located in the stunning Hollywood hills, we provide a full spectrum of services including the following:

You’re never just a number or another statistic at The Hills Treatment Center. We’re dedicated to helping you understand the root causes of your addiction, learning what triggers it and obtaining the tools necessary for long-term sobriety.

Take back control of your life. Call the caring addiction specialists at The Hills Treatment Center today at 844-915-0287. You can get on the road to recovery.

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