Addiction Recovery Programs that Actually Work

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Addiction Recovery Programs

Recognize addiction as a complex disease and you will begin to recognize those addiction recovery programs that best provide substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation.

group of people attending addiction recovery programsUnderstand that treating addiction requires treating the whole person, as does treating any disease. Diabetes for example, has a lower percentage of the population seeking treatment (8.3 percent) than do those seeking treatment for substance abuse (8.3 percent). Yet, most people seeking treatment for diabetes have ready access to a host of modalities to support their treatment, and even expect to receive support in all aspects of their short and long term recovery. The same should be expected when identifying recovery treatment centers for addiction. Surprisingly, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University reported in 2012 that “Only a small fraction of individuals receive intervention or treatment consistent with scientific knowledge about what works”. That’s less than an acceptable standard, especially considering the challenges of addiction that impact multiple brain, body, and behavioral functions. Those seeking detoxification, recovery, and eventually rehabilitation from substance dependency should consider the following:

5 Components of Addiction Recovery Programs That Actually Work

  1. The Facility: The structure that houses the recovery program should be open to your inspection, and it should be possible for you to tour the facility and view treatment areas and programs in action where privacy allows. Look for a recovery center that is sensitive to the surrounding environment it creates for its clients.
  2. Admission process: A professional staff member should guide you through the intake process, answering all specific questions and concerns, in a private setting, and be available by telephone for follow up questions. They should be clear in outlining the various treatment options available to the patient so that you can make an informed choice as to how best start to your recovery program.
  3. Individualized treatment: The best treatment centers offer individual treatment plans tailored to suit each patient’s exact needs, and the needs of their families. Regardless of their drug of addiction, each patient should have equal access to medication, counseling, and links to the community that further supports their recovery.
  4. Types of treatment: State of the art addiction facilities should offer both inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services for alcohol, drug, and opiate addiction. Medical detoxification and holistic drug rehabilitation should be offered. Individual treatment plans should be set, reviewed and refined by a team of addiction specialists. Look for a variety of modalities, programs within programs, to address patient’s needs, including the availability of an addiction recovery group.
  5. Staff: A staff of therapeutic professionals, experienced in substance abuse treatment should be listed with their credentials. Look for those professionals and paraprofessionals with knowledge and experience in; alcohol and opiate detoxification, 12 step and non-12 step rehabilitation, individual and group counseling, facilitating recovery for all adult ages and genders.

If you’re ready to embrace the notion that treating addiction requires treating the whole person, then you’re ready to begin identifying the type of recovery program that actually works on your individual behalf. It is vital to understand that treating addiction requires treating the whole person, as it does in treating any disease. This is the approach taken by Dr. The Hill’s Program Director of The Hills Treatment Program in Los Angeles California, in Hollywood Hills. It’s a good example of a recovery program that meets the guidelines for the successful, individual treatment of the substance abuser.

Once you have identified which of the addiction recovery programs work, and work for you, ask yourself if you are ready to change. Changing behavior is a true human challenge, and if you’re ready to take that step, then investigate drug addiction and change.

For more information on Addiction Recovery Programs that actually work, call the addiction specialists at The Hills Center

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