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addiction in the workforce

Addiction is something a lot of people don’t understand, and for that reason, many don’t realize how prevalent it is in our society. Big screen images of drug and alcohol addiction are designed to draw out emotional responses from viewers, and so they only show the worst depths of substance abuse while failing to address everyday addiction. In light of this, a study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is even more important. Their research reveals that about 1 in 10 Americans in the workforce struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Read on to discover more about addiction in the workforce.

Focusing on the Facts

Woman taking pill exhibiting addiction in the workforceSAMHSA’s mission to create and maintain drug-free workplaces is a vital one. However, in 2014:

  • 17.4 million Americans were current users of illicit drugs
  • 75.3% of these individuals (13.1 million) were part or full-time members of the workforce

It’s also worth noting the demographics of these workers. A breakdown of the statistics for workers 18-64 looks like this:

  • An average of 8.7% of full-time workers heavily used alcohol in the past month
  • 8.6% used illicit drugs within the previous month
  • 9.5% had been dependent on or abused alcohol or drugs in the past year

Alcohol use tops the charts in several sectors. This is a quick rundown of how many workers in a given industry are or recently have been dependent on alcohol:

  • 16.5% of construction workers
  • 17.5% of mining industry workers
  • 19.1% of accommodations and service industries

Finding a Solution for Addiction in the Workforce

Addiction and substance abuse in the workplace aren’t desirable on a common-sense level, but they can cost employers as well as taxpayers huge amounts of money in the form of lost productivity and medical bills. Industries, where youth or males are the majority, tend to have high rates of substance abuse, and that’s one place to start when considering harm-reduction strategies.

The SAMHSA report states “substance use negatively affects U.S. industry through lost productivity, workplace accidents and injuries, employee absenteeism, low morale, and increased illness. U.S. companies lose billions of dollars a year because of employees’ alcohol and drug use and related problems.”

In the case of alcohol and drug abuse, the workplace is an excellent place to begin prevention and treatment programs.

Addiction Treatment at The Hills Treatment Center

Because addiction, in general, is becoming more common, addiction in the workforce is becoming a large problem. If you’re a professional and have found yourself with a substance use disorder, know that there’s hope. At The Hills Treatment Center, we offer executive rehab programs clients who find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of a high-powered career.

For this reason, we offer a variety of addiction treatment programs in our luxury facility. These include:

Don’t let addiction continue to affect your work. Call The Hills Treatment Center today at 844-915-0287 and get your life back on track.

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