How an Addiction Counselor Can Help You

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young woman talks to her addiction counselor

If you’re like many other people struggling with an addiction, you’ve been fighting this battle far too long on your own. One of the psychological symptoms of addiction is the feeling of being stuck in a never ending cycle. The reality is that there’s a much better life that’s waiting for you. It all starts by having the willingness to ask for help. By going to treatment and working with a qualified addiction counselor, you’ll begin to get the help that you need.

What is an Addiction Counselor?

young woman talks to her addiction counselorOne of the major issues people deal with when they’re in active addiction is a feeling of being completely alone. Even if you have friends and family members who are supportive and try their best to help you, it may seem like they don’t understand. Working with doctors and regular therapists can also be difficult because many of them don’t fully understand addiction. Addiction counselors have specific training in the field of addiction, and they’re extremely passionate about what they do.

Most addiction counselors are men or women who got into the field either because they’ve overcome addiction themselves or have a loved one who struggled with addiction. This helps because you no longer have to feel like nobody understands what you’re going through, which will give you hope. You’ll see that not only are there people who understand your struggles, but there are also solutions so you can live the life that you deserve. When you go to treatment, you’ll have a counselor who will work with you in many ways to help you recover.

Working with an Addiction Counselor

There is a variety of different ways in which you’ll be working with your counselor. These include:

Individual therapy is a crucial part of the recovery process because it helps you to work on uncovering the sources of your addiction. You’ll be in a private space with your counselor where you can speak freely about your past as well as what’s going on with you in the present. Although you may feel uncomfortable opening up in a group setting, group therapy is also extremely beneficial. Being around your peers who are also working on finding a new way of living will give you the strength and support that you need.

A High-Quality Treatment Program

The Hills Treatment Center has been helping men and women from all over the country overcome their addictions to alcohol or drugs for years. We take a unique and personalized approach with everyone who comes through our treatment center. Additionally, we cater to all demographics from young people, to people in the LGBTQ community and those in the executive world. No matter what your background is, we’re confident that our addiction treatment program can work for you.

Some specific programs we offer include:

Don’t hesitate, and give us a call today at 844-915-0287 to get started on the path towards recovery.

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