amphetamine addict sitting in his room looking downtrodden

Confronting an Amphetamine Addict About Their Problem

Amphetamine addiction doesn’t just affect the user. Its destructive fallout affects every friend or family member. Usually, the amphetamine addict denies any problems and may resent interference from family or friends. Major mood swings are part of this addiction, and those with addictions can become angry or violent when a friend or loved one confronts…

benadryl and alcohol on table

Benadryl and Alcohol: a Dangerous Cocktail

A Benadryl and alcohol combo is pretty easy to ingest, even if unintentionally. Benadryl is the usual P.M. component in over-the-counter pain and fever tablets, allergy medications, and cough syrups. The intention may be sound sleep without discomfort. The reality can be a nightmare experience. Because alcohol is legal to drink and people can buy…