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Happy young woman in a sober living program

Solidifying Your Sobriety with Sober Living

Many of us alcoholics and addicts do not know how to function normally with or without our substances in everyday life. The process of changing our destructive lifestyles to healthy and productive ones is not easy. To come out of institutions and go back to where we came from and ...
Man experiencing group therapy benefits

Group Therapy Benefits

Often patients wonder what the difference between group and individual therapy is, and how they could benefit from group therapy. While both are valid and potentially helpful forms of therapy and can possibly have a similar outcome, the method of treatment involved with each is distinctly different. Does Group Therapy ...
Woman visiting a psychologist during rehab aftercare

The Importance of Rehab Aftercare

Sober Living  Inpatient rehab is typically an important step for people who are trying to get clean and sober. Usually the initial stay at an inpatient treatment facility is 30 days. However, judging by statistics, 30 days is many times not enough to build a proper foundation in recovery. Thirty ...
Man struggles with his worst day of sobriety

Your Worst Day of Sobriety For Your Best Day of Intoxication?

Using drugs and alcohol used to be practical. We had found a new way to live without having to face uncomfortable situations or feelings. But once the initial success of our drug use subsided and we found that problems and trouble began to come into our lives as a result ...
Couple going through rehab steps with a counselor

The Importance of Working The Rehab Steps

12 Steps at a Time  One of the most influential parts of recovery that really promotes change is when someone works the 12 steps. Working the steps allows us to let go of past resentments and feelings that may bring us back into the cycle of addiction. It helps us ...
Woman receiving support from her sober network

The Importance of a Strong Sober Network

Building A Strong Support Group One of the best ways to remain sober is to build a strong sober network through your 12 step fellowship. Sobriety is not meant to be something that is endured alone. When people isolate and don’t reach out their chances for continuous sobriety are less ...
Young woman celebrating during early sobriety

Having Fun in Early Sobriety

What Is Early Sobriety The most prevalent question, or fear, that newcomers in sobriety worry about is the thought of "how will I ever be able to have fun again without using drugs or alcohol?" For many of us, we spent a lot of time using substances in social atmospheres ...

Drug Rehab vs. Isolation

Rehab Beats Being Alone For many of us, the progression of our drug use took us out of the party of many, and placed us in a party of one as addiction started to take hold. We began drinking alone for fear that those around us would protest our excessive ...
Woman explaining her resentment to a counselor

Resentment: The Number One Offender

Harboring resentments is like drinking poison, hoping the other person gets sick. In recovery, we are taught that resentments are the main offender and keep us slaves to our anger and sadness. At the root of our anger and sadness is fear, and fear can drive us to do almost ...
Woman biting her nails because she suffers from excessive worrying

Excessive Worrying Can be Hazardous to Your Health

Coming to recovery, we have a fair few ducks to align before we can feel that we are doing well: we need to detox, we need to complete a treatment program, we need to find a sponsor, go to meetings, and start working the steps. These often feel like loose ...