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Benzo Withdrawal Timeline

Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are prescription medications that treat anxiety, seizures, or insomnia. Benzos are addictive. Getting clean requires detox and drug rehabilitation. Understanding the benzo withdrawal timeline is a great way to prepare for addiction treatment. Expecting the Start of Withdrawal As soon as you stop consuming benzodiazepines, withdrawal officially ...

Alcohol Use vs Alcohol Abuse

There’s a fine line between alcohol use and alcohol abuse. Often this line blurs in conversation. That said, there’s a way to determine if your use is getting out of hand. There are many warning signs that reveal a substance abuse problem. Differentiating Standard Use from Alcohol Abuse You might ...

What the Schedule is Like at Drug Treatment Centers

All drug treatment centers are different. Across the board, however, they tend to follow a schedule. That's because routines are important for those in recovery. Take a closer look at what a sample schedule might look like during drug treatment. Scheduled Meals Three Times a Day Many patients enter an ...

Over The Counter Drugs: Safe or Addictive?

Over the counter drugs, also known as OTC drugs, are medications that don't require a prescription. Nonetheless, these substances can still be dangerous or even addictive. When people use them inappropriately, they can cause lifelong problems. While many OTC drugs are safe in certain situations, they are never entirely without ...

Is Alcoholism a Disease?

Many people wonder, "is alcoholism a disease?" The answer is simple, even if the treatment for it isn’t. Yes, alcoholism is a disease. It produces chronic and uncontrollable urges to seek and abuse alcohol. Sadly, alcoholics will continue to drink, even with the knowledge that their behavior could cause harm ...

Is Alcohol a Drug?

Alcoholism addiction is one of the biggest problems in the United States, and it’s been an issue for a while. Back in the early 20th century, prohibition was an effort to decrease issues with alcohol, but it didn’t succeed. Although there are many people who can drink alcohol without a ...

Exploring the Heroin Epidemic

On a global scale, as many as 36 million people use opioid drugs, with heroin being among the most popular. Clearly, there is a heroin epidemic, but how did it all begin? Take a closer look at heroin's arrival in America, its growing popularity and how to fight the epidemic. ...
Therapist using CBT Techniques

CBT Techniques for Addiction Therapy

CBT is one of the approaches that therapists use most often for addiction treatment. This one-on-one therapy aims to change the way that patients think and behave. Instead of gravitating toward negative thoughts and actions, patients learn to embrace the positive. Take a closer look at some of the most ...

All About “Purple Drank”

Purple drank is just one of many names for a homemade, addictive beverage. Although this drink might seem harmless at first glance, that’s definitely not the case. The beverage can be highly addictive and can lead to severe health problems. Fortunately, treatment can help to end a dependence on purple ...

Detox Definition

If you've abused drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time, you're likely to experience withdrawal if you suddenly reduce or stop usage. This is because your body develops a dependency on the drug--physical, psychological, or both. Your body begins to believe that it needs the substance to perform ...