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woman drinking coffee goes through suboxone withdrawal

Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms

Addiction treatment facilities often use Suboxone to help people struggling through opiate withdrawal. That doesn't mean that Suboxone is safe to continuously use, though. People who abuse Suboxone can develop an addiction to it. That means they'll likely experience Suboxone withdrawal when they stop abusing the drug. What Does Suboxone ...
man lays on couch at drug therapy

How Drug Therapy Works

People have many options to combat addiction. No matter which one that they choose, drug therapy plays a vital role in its success. In fact, studies show that therapy is vital to both the short- and long-term success of any drug treatment. When people do it right, therapy can battle ...
woman with headache deals with detox symptoms

Common Detox Symptoms

Detox is an unavoidable part of addiction recovery. When people quit abusing drugs or alcohol, they experience negative physical and psychological symptoms. Detox symptoms can range in severity depending on the person, the substance, and how long he or she has been using it. No matter what factors exist though, ...
couple seeks drug addiction help in california

Drug Addiction Help in California

Did you know that people travel a good distance for the right executive drug addiction help? When confidentiality, luxury, and the opportunity for achieving excellent results are paramount, it makes sense to travel to find the right rehab center. If you or a loved one needs help with a substance ...
man passed out with bottle fits alcoholic definition

Does Your Loved One Fit the Alcoholic Definition?

You know that your loved one enjoys a drink here and there. But lately, you’ve been wondering if he or she has reached a tipping point. Your loved one is drinking more often, larger quantities, and seems to be suffering from repercussions associated with drunkenness. Does your loved one fit ...

The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving can lead to accidents, injuries, and even death. Although some people believe alcohol is a stimulant, it’s actually a central nervous system depressant. When your blood alcohol level is .08 or above, several symptoms start to occur. These include poor judgment, bad reflexes, lack of coordination, distorted ...
two women discussing treatment for alcoholism

Treatment for Alcoholism

An alcohol use disorder won’t go away by itself. The disease model of addiction states that you need help to overcome the condition’s causes. Treatment for alcoholism is available. For many, it’s a new beginning that completely changes their lives. Understanding the Condition Those who don’t suffer from an alcohol ...

3 Coping Skills for Avoiding Relapse

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction isn't easy. Once you complete a rehab treatment program, you'll be filled with hope for a healthy, sober future. What happens when you inevitably face a stressful situation? Having good coping skills can help you avoid relapse and falling back into the addiction trap. ...
man drinking a beer suffers effects of alcohol

Psychological Effects of Alcohol

You likely know the short-term effects of alcohol, like stumbling and slurred speech. Long-term effects can be much more dangerous and include the development of brain disorders or severe health problems. But did you know that the psychological effects of alcohol can be just as dangerous? Alcohol is a Depressant ...

What You Need to Know About Addiction Treatment Services

Choosing recovery is a big step toward change. Once you make that important decision, you're probably wondering what to expect from a rehab facility. Will you have to live in the treatment center? What about seeing your family? You have a lot of questions, and a qualified center will answer ...